i received a notice from Youtube saying “Your video may contain a song that belongs to a third party…managable by [Merlin] Symphonic Distribution” It is one of my audiojungle songs, with a video loop from the author resources

Any idea what that is?

Thanks art of sound, but this is not the case. I am an author promoting via Youtube a WATERMARKED track of mine, and that organisation named Symphonic Distribution, was claiming to have distribution rights. Anyway an email from youtube came saying that they redraw from their claim. This can happen to any Audiojungle author…

Hello. We have some clients that have uploaded material from Audiojungle and unfortunately it does go ahead and trigger inaccurate and false claims. For every Audiojungle we receive, unlike other companies that specialize in YouTube claiming, we do immediately release the claim to not affect the channel and not place ads on it. If future videos of yours are claimed, feel free to file a dispute or contact us at for us to immediately remove your claim. - Symphonic Distribution. Apologies for the inconvenience.