Bought a track and got copyright claim on Youtube, when uploaded video with this track.

Opened a dispute, but why ?
Whats wrong ?

Probably the creator of the song uses a track service to identify illegal uses of his songs OR he does it to prevent other scams to do it on his side without his knowledge. But this is nothing to worry about if you purchased a track. You should have some details of who did this claim, maybe the author uploaded his music, AdRev is one service that identifies music. But if you have the purchase receipt you can clear the claims and start earning your videos again. I am not sure how you can identify from where is this claim, but I for example write in my description what to do. Maybe you could contact the author himself or go to his profile page and see.

I will not make any earnings on this video. Its just a corporate video fo my client.

Hi! You can release the claim by sending you license here. It’s standard process for music registered with CID.

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