I received copyright claim from author which audio I purchased

Hey guys.

Today I received copyright claim about my old video in YouTube.
This is 3D work. Medival Castel Interior game level.

Especially for it I purchased the audio from one author here.

Then his name was Rafael Krux.
Now he sells under name Orchestralis.

As you can see I putted his name and gave him credits.
Today I received from him copyright claim.

Claim was not described well. But if I understood right he want I put his new name on my old video, or delete his song from video.

But I have problem to put new credits. To make such video need many hours for rendering my 3D Scene. (I don’t keep renders much time. It cost too much space on hard drive.) So to do it I really need to work hard.

I have letter from Envato when I purchased his audio. (screen attached) There are name Rafael Krux. But if Youtube decide he have a rights to ask me to put new credits. I am really in a trouble. I purchased several audio files from him (will never do again).
And in every video I have same situation as with my Interior Castle.

So it is very possible this guy harm me very hard.

What do you think I can do in this case?

Personally, I think this is an unreasonable request. You have a license to use the music, and the information was accurate at the time of creating/uploading the video. You’re not breaking any rules when it comes to the licensing.

If the song was used in a movie, would the author expect them to remove all DVD’s from sale, destroy them, and create a new version of the movie with updated credits? No. Yes, it’s a lot less hassle to change the credits on a Youtube video, but the principal is the same. I would politely decline and contact support if it goes any further.


You are sure this claim didn’t come from Youtube, as I see his music is registered with AdRev? (They wouldn’t ask you to change the authors name in the credits, but you said the claim wasn’t described well)

Yes it was claimed by Rafael Krux itself.

"Hi Alexander Spivak,

A copyright owner using Content ID claimed some material in your video.

This is just a heads up
Don’t worry. You’re not in trouble and your account standing is not affected by this.

There are either ads running on your video, with the revenue going to the copyright owner, or the copyright owner is receiving stats about your video’s views.

Video title: Medieval Castle Interior Game Level
Copyrighted content: Brightest Star-13621-RFR
Claimed by: AdRev for Rights Holder "

This looks like a claim from AdRev which you can clear with your license.

Thank you Space StockFootage!

I have same point of view. But don’t know what You Tube will decide.
If they take Rafael Krux side - I am in really trouble.

Hm… I am new in this “story”. Never received claims before. I took a look on download I have from this purchase and didn’t find any license attached.
I have only files. I started dispute in You Tube. But didn’t sent any proves, because didn’t see any option to attach files even screen from letter I got from Envato.

And no mention of changing name in the credits, if this was the whole claim?

It should be in your download page, look at the picture you attached in the first post.

It was something like this. But now I can’t reach original claim notes, because I started dispute.

Don’t worry, this is standard procedure. You have license for this track, claims will be released for sure by AdRev. Just follow the instructions and it will be fine. I also have music registered with AdRev, and my clients didn’t have any problems disputing it. :wink:

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Dear mr_Necturus,

I believe you’re upset and frustrated with the claims that you’ve received for the videos you’ve created long time ago, however, on the other side, I had to register all of my catalog with AdRev since my music was stolen and someone started to resell my tracks around other royalty free stock sites which made me even bigger problem.

If you’ve purchased all the licences from Audiojungle, all of the claims can be cleared with them, like @Hyperprod wrote.

Please don’t worry, everything can be solved without any problem for any side and if you still have problems later with the same issue, please send me an email.

Thank you for purchasing my music!

All the best,


Thank you for recpose, Rafael.
I hope they will do and clear claim.

Not nice to receive such things in the morning.
I also have many of my 3D assets pirated. Someone even sell them in China as well.

Hm… To dispute all videos with audio I purchased will take a time. Fortunately I know now that this is standard thing. But I am not sure I will purchase music any more.

Hey @mr_Necturus,

I’m tagging in the legal team to get their eyes across this, just to be sure.

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Sorry to hear about someone stealing your assets.

Again, if you don’t find any solutions for your problem fast, please send me an email.

Thank you! I will do.
Maybe the possibility to send to AdRev list of legitimate customers even before they start to alert people will help to improve the situation? Don’t know.

Yestady I got letter from You Tube:

Good news! After reviewing your dispute, AdRev for Rights Holder has decided to release their copyright claim on your YouTube video.

Video title: “Medieval Castle Interior Game Level”

If you earned any money during the dispute, you should receive that money as part of your next YouTube payment.

Hope I will not receive anymore claims. :slight_smile:



If you do get more copyright notices, it’s a much quicker process to go directly to Adrev and fill the form. The claim is usually lifted in a matter of hours.

Thank you!

I will if I get more.