Copyright claim on YouTube by Rafael Krux on music from Envato

I have had a false copyright ID claim on YouTube by using music downloaded from Envato Elements even when I have a paid account.

Can you please clear this claim and whitelist my channel @Orchestralis ?

YouTube channel - TopicBricks:

YouTube video in question:

License details:

Item Title: Magical Fantasy
Item URL: Magical Fantasy, Royalty Free Music Track - Envato Elements
Author Username: Orchestralis
Licensee: Bradley Hughes
Registered Project Name: HP
License Date: December 1st, 2023
Item License Code: 4PCENRDXQY


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Thank you for your message and my apologies for the inconvenience!

Just to confirm that your video and channel have been submitted for clearing/whitelisting.

Thank you again for your patience!

All the best,