Youtube ID System mistake.

Hi. I received a lot of messages from buyers of my bestseller concerning claims they receive on Youtube about right violation. Their videos with that track are being blocked but the only author and owner of the track is me of course.

Claims go from “Zee Music Company” (they are indian i guess) and it seems like mistake of Youtube ID System because that track have nothing similar with music of ZeeMusicCompany. I appealed this case several times on Youtube but each time I have been rejected. I sent letters to ZeeMusic but they don’t answer.

Has somebody an experience like this? What should I do in this case? How to prove Youtube System mistake?

Something similar happened to me but via AdRev… someone had my track uploaded on my behalf (stolen)… is it AdRev involved in your case?

I don’t think so. But how to know? Is any way to check AdRev database?

It should be in the claim itself… anyway i checked them they seems to be pretty big, so i think they have a partnership with youtube… you should just talk to them directly but you already did so… maybe u want get a lawyer involved if they dont reply

You should ask your buyer if the claims comes from an AdRev registered track. If it is, you should contact AdRev. They will be much more reactive than Youtube.

I uploaded on Youtube a picture with this track by myself (just to check) and I received a claim but without any mentioning AdRev. Looks like it’s just a mistake not concerning AdRev

Alright, so what does the claim mention as the “claimant”?

Tere Ishq Ne Nachaaya.wav - Pervez Quadir
1:18 - 3:04 play match

This is the “Content” Part of the claim. The “claimant” part is on the right, as shown below:

Just “ZeeMusicCompany” in that field.

mmmhhh, so they are direct ContentID partners… this is not good news since there are no third party you can contact then.

Their not answering your messages nor your buyer’s comments on their Facebook page and Youtube channel, is shady at the very least. You may have to seek legal counseling unfortunately…

You probably want to involve AJ support. They too have a responsibility towards their buyers.

Yeah unfortunately i think is the best solution…

Well. Update. I found out that it’s not mistake of Youtube ID System. The music was actually STOLEN by ZeeMusic. They put a vocal on the track, placed it in a moovie and count themselves as authors of the track. - track #4 -

This is scary stuff. Hope you deal with this problem. Best wishes!

To be honest that is what I was afraid of. A bug at ContentID level, though possible, would have been unlikely.

Registering stolen track to ContentID seems to be a very real threat to us authors. But usually it is done by thieves and “mafia” who operates under false identity. Here, this is a different case. A legal (and notorious it seems) company is the usurper. This is insane of them!

wow that’s unbelievable…

File a dispute through YouTube, “Zee Music Company” will deny your dispute and then you can dispute it once more and the only way they can deny that 2nd dispute is if they take you to court and win. They won’t take you to court (because they stole the music) so their claim on the music will be dropped.


Thanks guys. Already filed a disput.

keep us updated , this could be useful if someone get in the same situation :slight_smile::+1: