Youtube has flagged some of my content

Hi Folks,
I have a problem with flagging my song in youtube.
Another library (Non-EX) muted an album of mine because some of the tracks on it where flagged by Youtube. Those songs are content on Audiojungle too. So my question is:
Do Audiojungle take rights on distributing like AdRev do?

Does is mean, that my own customers are not able to post a video with my content on it?

Audiojungle never registered any music on their library to Content ID. You can check who registered the music to Content ID Provider on the copyright claim on your Youtube Videos.
If you never registered your tracks then it can be someone stole your music and register them to Content ID.


Thank you! That’s good to know! I will check this option and ask a customer about that! Thank you helping me!

It means that your costumers will have to dispute and show their license ID.
I think you should contact AdRev with the matter. It can also be a miss match.

This is not good. Your customers may not be able to lift the claim as their license and your name won’t match the claimant’s name.

You want to have this fixed asap. If claimant is using AdRev, they should be quick to respond.

Hope you get it sorted out.