Youtube blocked my track that the buyer bought. What to do in this situation?

A customer who bought my track on Audiojungle wrote to me that youtube send “matched third party content” copyright notice. I have not registered it anywhere. What does it mean? And how can I help a client remove this copyright notice?

This can mean two things:
You’ve used loops in your track and someone who used the same loops registered their track to ContentID.

Someone saw your music was unprotected and fraudulently registered it in their name.

If this is the latter, you need to contact the ContentID third-party service and prove that you are the rightful owner.

In any case, protect your music!


Ask your client for the url link to the claimed video and the time stamp to the part that’s been claimed. This will show if it’s indeed your music the video has gotten claimed for.

Also ask who’s issuing the claim (the ContentID third-party service) and what’s the title of the claimed piece of music on that video.

It helps a lot if your client could send you a screenshot of the claim info from his/her YouTube channel. It would provide you all the information you need / can get.

But yes, definitely protect your music asap.


Thank you for answer. Unfortunately i didnt use any loops in this track. It meens second.
Is the third-party ContentID service is Adrev or others?

Thank you very much.

Yes, follow @AudioAgent 's tip to have the claimant’s information. Alternatively, you can upload your track to Youtube, receive a claim yourself, and get the info that way.

Many authors have gone through the same ordeal, unfortunately. The good news is most, if not all, have been able to sort it out eventually.

Good luck!


Thank you!

How ? Identifyy asked me to upload a short video with work project containing the tracks and/stems . Unless the claimant had acces to his project files, which i doubt it.

This happens if you do not register your music with CID :frowning:

Hmm. There are many cid services. Besides that it is very rare situation in which CID service asks for a project screen capture.

You can write a pdf license which includes all of your data and prove of the authorship of the track. Describe that your buyer bought it and has a proper license. Buyer should upload it via claim clearence tool on youtube.

Agree. Maybe it’s just Identifyy’s MO.That is a quote from the instructional e-mail i got from them.

Please upload a screen recording video of you soloing the STEMs
of one of your submitted tracks via a Google Drive link. Please make sure that
your video clearly shows you soloing each musical element included
within the instrumental.

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Didn’t have to go through that myself. I think it’s a good thing they are putting more checks in place. Hopefully, they’ll roll that out and make it a mandatory step for all.

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What does CID stand for?

@Tntcompositions read this: The AJ Community Guide #3: Content Identification (CID) - #2 by RedOctopus

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