YouTube Content ID Claim on 'Intense Hybrid' by 2ASoundWorks (Dispute rejected)

I’ve used various audio tracks without issue until this particular one. Content has been flagged by ‘No Limit Forever Records’ via ‘AdShare MG for a Third Party.’

I submitted my dispute using my downloaded license file and submitted a dispute via YouTube. Dispute was rejected. I don’t want to appeal via YouTube and risk a copyright strike, nor do I want to take down the video.

Is this common or is there anything I can do to resolve this? Seems unfair there isn’t much an end-user with proper licensing can do in these situations. Makes paying for a license seem useless tbh.

Just noticed this same user (No Limit Forever Records) has flagged at least 2 more videos exactly the same, yet using different audio tracks by other creators on AudioJungle.

What’s the point of disputing these if fraudulent claims can be made by anyone?

Hello :slight_smile:

I think you have to contact the author to fix the claim with him. The author is able to solve claim by its own by whitelisting your video. I Hope it’s help :slight_smile:

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