Help: This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim ?

Long story short:

  1. Client buy’s our track few months ago

  2. Create a video and upload it on YT,

  3. Suddenly he got this message today:

  1. How can Disney Claim the copyright of the audio (even if they’ve purchased the same track) ?

  2. Anyone got experience of what is the best & fastest way to prevent this, and put the video back online ?

Thanks for your feedback :pray:

It’s a failure of the copyright detection system of youtube. Your customer should tell this to them and maybe clear this issue with his license certificate… I had a similiar case a few years ago. I wrote them that I am the composer of the song and have the full rights.

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They can’t - but looks like they do it anyway (they are Disney after all). Your client should dispute the claim using the license they got from AJ and if possible make a counterclaim to make sure Disney get the message and understand that they have no rights to your track beyond what is granted by the non-exclusive license they got.

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Yes they send back claim back to YT with license from AJ, let’s see what will happend.

Thank you!

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