Youtube licensing issue

My subcontractor purchased an audio file from Audio Jungle to use in a video on Youtube.

Youtube content ID detected the audio and gives this warning:
“Your video has copyrighted audio that may affect its availability. You may be able to fix this by removing a copyright-claimed song below.”

But there is no copyright detection listed in my youtube copyright notices page and there is no “dispute” button available, which would let me upload the license for the audio used.

How can I resolve this?

Please see the attached screenshots.


From what I see in your screenshots, the track you bought is by SoundRoll. SoundRoll is using AdRev for ContentID protection. So quickest way to clear the claim is by going to AdRev’s contact page and stating you have a license for the track and copy the content of your license in the message box. Claim should be cleared within hours.

Hope it helps

Thank you for your helpful response!

This is a much more helpful answer than I received from Envato support.

I will follow your advice.