Your uploaded item hard disabled

Hello! In the first four years I received a letter saying that AJ removed my two tracks because they supposedly looked like my earlier accepted content. At first, a musical package was considered for a long time, and then two well-selling tracks were removed together with the package. Here is the entire text of the letter:

Unfortunately your item ######## has been disabled from AudioJungle. Here’s some feedback from our Review team.

Please note, this submission was approved in the AudioJungle in its current form.

In fact, it is inherently too similar to previously accepted content. We can not accept this many versions of comparable tracks. For this reason, we are forced to remove it from the library, regrettably.

Keep in mind that systematically submitting a duplicate or similar content within and across accounts is considered a breach of Envato policy and may ultimately result in an account (s) suspension.

By what criteria does the team of reviewers have the right to judge the similarity of my tracks? Tempo, tonality, tools? I work all year on AJ and write folk. And it’s understandable that there are familiar chord progressions and track styles. Nothing new was invented. I did not make any plagiarism. Sorry, but this is wrong. In each music category, I see the same tracks with exactly the same sound. And some authors add one and the same. Other authors add a track - then after some time remove it and then add again. This is already the wrong approach. This applies to Corporate, Folk and Cinematic. I would like to hear a clear explanation from the employees of Envato.

Hello @VsevolodPankratov ! Open a support ticket . The forum will not solve this difficult situation. Good luck!

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Are you sure they weren’t duplicates? As in, you took an existing track, tweaked a few minor things here and there and voila, another track! If not, then Envato should have dealt with other items first, as there are many clones and duplicate across the marketplace.

In any case, it seems they are now curating this place. Not a bad thing… if they do it right.


You still have a lot of VERY similar tracks in your portfolio…


Unfortunately, Vsevolod, I have to agree with Hyperprod here. There are 3 recent tracks in particular which are damn near identical, so I’m not really surprised Envato has taken these steps against you.


You can look from the similarities of the waveform, I think it’s even made with exact same template. Just different chord :stuck_out_tongue:


If you see people doing such things then report them. As the review team rarely spend their time just browsing through the site checking live items for duplicates or other such issues… it’s likely that somebody did just that; reported some of your items for being too similar to your other items.


Hey, thanks for the answers guys! I have many authors see the same music templates. Even with the same melodies. I would like to know the criteria by which you can not work on your own templates. We have a massive upload. How else can I work without templates?

Thank you, I’ll take into account the future. I will be more attentive.

Why use a template?

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I work a lot with templates myself, but the templates are a setup of instruments and sounds. Not chord progressions, arpeggios and melodies. A template shouldn’t consist of any musical content, but should rather be a collection of instruments that give you a spesific sound in a certain style. In my opinion.


I still make and mix every single track from scratch, I’m such an inefficient idiot! :joy:


For the moment I’m studying filmmaking. And I alone feed my family. From time to time I develop my templates and work on them. Earlier I could spend more time writing songs. But soon this hard training time will end. Working with templates is very convenient and should not cause any violations. At least I did not know that because of this there could be problems.

A real template band. :wink: :joy:
And not all their tracks sound the same.


I’ll be more careful. Thank you! For all 4 years I have never received a warning from Envato. I hope they will not be any more! :blush:

Yes, I checked the portfolio, and these tracks are basically the same… and posted one after the other, making the thing even more obvious…

@VsevolodPankratov : I won’t judge you or name the tracks that we find are too identical… but I can’t agree when you say “I did not make any plagiarism. Sorry, but this is wrong”

I don’t know what are the tracks they will remove, but for the ones I listened to, honestly, there is no need for any “clear explanation”… this is too obvious, honestly…

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Yes, please, be careful, as your portfolio is nice, and it is ok to have great similiraties when using the same virtual instruments, and the same chord progressions.

But here you really have some tracks that are too close (even the waveform is the same…) :slight_smile:

Hopefully you won’t have any more warnings ! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your criticism! Maybe I’m a little tired of folk. And I need to take a break and work for another category.

Ah ah, yes, I totally understand, maybe you have done too much Folk for now… :slight_smile:
Trying new styles is a refreshing experience, you are out of your comfort zone, but it can be very rewarding !
I wish you much fun in your new experimentations :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your kind wishes! I hope that Envato will condescendingly treat me and allow me to improve my music portfolio in different categories!

I read your letter in my mail! After some time, I’ll be sure to answer! :blush:

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