Someone stole my best seller and upload again to audiojungle.

Hi, this guy stole my best seller track and he upload again to audiojungle:

[Please contact the Help team. We don’t allow the forums to be used to call out items or users. Thanks!]

I wrote here because support take several days in get an answer. Some moderator can help in this issue, please? @KingDog @matthewcoxy @scottwills



O. M. G :scream: How can reviewers not recognise a track that’s been in the popular files list for over a year? Hope it’s taken down asap.

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Their whole portfolio is stolen music! Featured tracks and bestsellers! How could the reviewers let these slip through?!


I bet the other 4 tracks from him are stolen as well.

And that´s why I still request ENVATO to do a pre-qualification upload track test of new authors.
2-4 tracks of the best work, before getting AJ selling Author.

Still don´t understand why it´s not introduced yet.





I wonder if Envato should implement an “private Content ID” system so that they could automatically check the uploaded file against all of AJ material to prevent this from happening.

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Good thing you noticed, need to message the guy and leave a comment for him to delete it.

Or you can just wait for reviewers or delete it

Good idea by the way

a SOUNDIZER check for reviewers. All AJ authors should register to soundizer to prevent and be informed if either a VH author is using it or another AJ author illegal.

They should have done it years ago! Even buying or getting some kind of deal with Soundizer. That would deter thieves and impostors as well as allow buyers to find that track they’re trying to get their hands on.

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Hey, it’s just awful! A few days ago listened to a lot of tracks on the AJ and just found the copy on other platforms for sales.

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I normally take tracks from Dirk and then post them as mine. If Soundizer was implemented I do not know what I would do for tracks.


Brexit strategy :slight_smile:

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Over a week ago I reported an exclusive author who sells their exclusive Envato files in at least 3 other different shops. Their account is still active and they are still selling their items everyday. Allowing those scammers to be a part of our community is a shame and really disrespectful to other authors and buyers. Ticket #686916


That’s awful!! I wonder how we could prevent this. I’m not registered to Soundizer … should have a look at it!

It’s just embarrassing! :frowning2:

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There is no need to register. Soundizer used to scrap all new material uploaded to AJ. Unfortunately it is not maintained and does not work with newest tracks.

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So @E-soundtrax’s track was removed from his portfolio it seems. But the other stolen tracks are still there…

I wonder how this works. Does @E-soundtrax gets the income (fees) of the sold tracks? And what about the people who purchased the items -> their licenses, are they legal?


Thanks m8!