Soft Disabled ?

Hello colleagues :slight_smile:
My only two tracks have been soft disabled.
I just noticed it as one potential client reached to me on twitter and told me
the track he was considering for a vid is no longer available.
I went to my site and indeed, the tracks aren’t there but appear under the hidden items tab as soft disabled.
And yes, I also noticed I activated my P.R.O membership 2 days after the deadline.
I apologize for the delay but I guess it’s too late now , is it?
Maybe some kind soul from AJ staff could soft re-enable them ?:innocent:
I don’t know hard re-enable perhaps ?:slight_smile:

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Oh man , I think you team Envato will help ) I thank God I never had this problem ! write to support !

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edit items and resubmit, add a msg to reviewer It should be up in no more then 1-3 days


Thanx guys for the replies. I was actually kidding when I said about re-enabling the tracks.
it clearly says in the e-mail sent by them:

If this setting is not filled out by the policy launch date October 4th, 2016, all of your existing AudioJungle portfolio items will be disabled, and you will also no longer be able to upload new items to AudioJungle. Please take note as this applies to all AudioJungle authors across all AudioJungle categories.

That basically means I’m no longer a member of Audiojungle since I can’t upload new items and my previous tracks have been disabled.
Kinda childish if you ask me, to retaliate in such a way that nothing can be done to undo the damage.
But hey, life isn’t fair and I’m an adult, the show must go on.
God for you guys who didn’t have this problem.
Wish you the best and keep on composing, that’s the real goal !

Actually you can fix it:


Well, that’s very kind of you OsamaSayegh to point that solution out.
I’ll give it a shot, why not :blush:
Much obliged man :slight_smile:

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I’m going to lock this thread but leave it listed, in case other authors are having this issue. I suggest we keep these sort of things in the main mother thread New Performing Rights ORganization (P.R.O) policy on AudioJungle is now LIVE so everyone including staff can be updated and keep you guys updated as well.

Cheers guys and I’m glad to see @Willox’s issue got resolved so fast! :slight_smile: