My disabled featured item was reinstated.

Yo guys thanks a lot for your support and thanks Envato for the justice that was served.

Previous topic: Featured track was disabled for description, tags, bpm and structure "plagiarism"


Excellent news!

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Yay - brilliant news! :slight_smile:

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At last!!! I’m glad that case is finshed:)))

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Nice one homie, yoo gots dis!

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Wooww faster than they said. Congrats for that mate! :smile:

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Call me vindictive, but I think the author who frivolously reported your track should be banned and held liable for your lost sales.


That is great news! I’m very glad they reversed the issue for you :thumbsup:

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Success in the future :wink:

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I’m a bit cautious about judging the motives of the author who complained without knowing the full story.

If part of the issue was the use of the same description and tags and they had been advised that they had to submit a DMCA for any action to be taken then one can see how the situation might have got out of hand.

I stress I don’t know if that’s how it happened but it seems a shame that something which potentially could have been resolved on a more informal basis ended up with DMCA claims and counterclaims being issued and a featured track being wrongly taken down and losing lots of potential sales.

Reporting someone’s item (and it subsequently being disabled) due to similar descriptions and tags is an insane over-reaction, especially considering the compositions in question bore virtually no similarity to one another (despite the complainant’s alleging otherwise.)

Case in point: Here are at least 8 or 9 other authors/tracks which have used the description for my best-selling track, word for word. Who cares? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, especially when it’s something as benign and inconsequential as an item description.

The idea that an Audiojungle description is somehow protected IP is simply preposterous.

My initial reaction stands: The complainant should definitely be held liable for OddVision’s lost sales and, if not banned outright, then temporarily suspended. What he did was unethical and an abuse of the system.

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I agree it ended up being a complete overreaction!

What I was wondering, though, was whether the author had started with the DMCA notice or if this had happened after initially raising the issue with Envato? Again, I would stress I don’t know what happened in this instance but I would hope that when authors raise issues about copied descriptions/tags etc. (which as you say is absolutely rife on AJ) that they are actively discouraged from going down the DMCA route unless they really believe that the track in question is a straight copy of their own track. It could be a bit like complaining that your neighbour’s uncut hedge is spoiling your view and being told your only option is to drop a nuclear bomb on it! :slight_smile:


great news!

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