Three items were rejected, need feedback. Thank you!

These items seem to be similar from another track I’ve heard on aj maybe that’s why.

what track? got a link?)

I can’t remeber it…

(Change up the melody)

If you claim such a thing, please back this up with a link as evidence.
Otherwise you are just claiming things without backing up these claims, and this can really hurt the author here.


Thank you, for me it is very disturbing to hear it)

Okay… The link to that track is deleted right now. So it’s not the copyright anymore

Okay, what is the authors name?

You make no sense.

Accusing someone of plagiarism is a very serious accusation that may have legal consequence. You’d better think it through before posting whatever comes to your head.


I wasn’t accusing nor was I lying I was just saying this sounded LIKE another track

Before your subtle edit, you claimed the tracks were copyrighted to someone else.
That is accusing .

I changed it because I wouldn’t say that was the right word

Hey IHEIF, unless ItsSamarazx can back up these claims with specific evidence, don’t worry about it too much. Plagiarism is something that you know you’re guilty of only if you’ve actively gone out of your way to copy someone else’s work. Of course, it is possible to write a track that is similar to other work that’s out there, but if we as musicians spent all our time worrying if we’re writing stuff that’s already been written, we’d never write anything!

Back to the topic of the thread… These are great tracks. Very atmospheric and evocative, I like them all. I can hear influences from King Crimson in there which is some of my favourite music, but this level of abstract might be a little too experimental for Audio Jungle who’s focus is on commercially useful music rather than artistic merit.

Game Over:
This has some great bass in it and I love the 70’s sound and rock organ. The parts that need some work are the brass and the drums. They lack realism. With the drums, I think it’s the reverb on the snare that makes it stick out from the mix, and that the snare sample is the same every time.
The brass parts sound very artificial. I’m not sure what library you’re using, but it might be possible to tweak the midi to get a more realistic sound and adjust the phrasing to make it sound like it’s being played by a person. I would do some more work with reverb/eq/compression to blend it better into the mix too. Also, the vibrato doesn’t suit the music style.

Night Beam:
Not much to comment on this one. It’s a nice track which makes me think of ‘Moonchild’ from the ‘In the Court of the Crimson King’ album. The drums again stick out of the mix a bit, although not as severely as in Game Over.

Love this one. The organ parts in it are awesome. Like the cello too. It’s a really cool and cinematic track. It’s also really nicely mixed.

Overall, I think Audio Jungle rejected these tracks because they aren’t really geared towards video editing. Game Over and Night Beam sound like they belong on an album and so might be better suited to a service like Spotify. Out of the three, as a filmmaker, for me the most useful would be Disclosure, which I could imagine working well in a feature film as incidental music. It has a certain dystopian atmosphere and tension which builds really nicely. It’s such a specific mood, that perhaps the reviewer figured it’s unlikely to sell. That is a shame because aside from feature films, I have seen documentary films which would benefit greatly from these eerie tones.


Hi criskcracker, about plagiarism, for me it sounded strange than frightening, as these songs are more than three years old :D, and nowhere they were presented or released. Thank you for such a constructive and emotional feedback :). Indeed, “Disclosure” and “Night Beam” were conceived for the album. I don’t know how I missed such a band as “King Crimson”, as I am an ardent fan of this sound, thanks for it, now my favorites will be more perfect :).

About the shame of AJ :blush: . In almost every review, I was told about listening to the top AJ or bestsellers. Most of these works are very similar to each other, I have a certain weakness in writing the same music :), I understand that it’s all Commerce, but it can not last forever:)