Need feedback on rejected item :)

Hi there!
i am new to Audiojungle…just started and i have 3 items for sale, so far…i have submitted 6 and got 3 approved.
i sent this cinematic idea days ago, it was hardly rejected with: wrong production, wrong mix, wrong composition and wrong arrangement…if there’s a price for that i would win LOL !
could you guys give me feedback so i can improve myself, and do better?
i think this tune is nice, i am considering to re submit after advices, some change.
Thank you people! i wish you best luck for your sales :::::::::slight_smile:

I also got this rejected now:
Can i have a feedback? io wrote in the submission the item could sound a little “experimental” because of the 3 live drums recorded.
The brass are audio samples played in “MPC style”

Thank you :slight_smile: