Items rejected, Need your feedback :)

Hi authors,

Lately I’ve got a few hard rejections and I’m trying to figure out what’s the cause. This is the reviewers comment for all rejections:

“This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”

I would love to get feedback for the two tracks in the link bellow (“Ambient Backing Track” and “Funky Tech”) so I can learn and improve,

Thanks for your time in advance!


Hi! I think the first one is a bit too downbeat and dark. In here they tend to prefer upbeat music, more joyful and energetic. Keep in mind these songs are meant to be put in ads and stuff, so they need to cheer the customers up. And the intro is really long. The second one might be too midi-sounding, and maybe it doesn’t have a well defined mood. Hope it helps.

Thank your for the feedback!
Very helpful notes…

Hi @AmraMusic, I love the vibe of both of these tracks. I think what might help you in your ambient tracks is to have a well defined (and really obvious) melody line or obvious musical idea. Approach it from the buyer’s perspective, give them lots of options for how they can chop up your music to suit their project. A well defined “B” section will help. Being a new author here myself, I can’t say for sure what type of tracks do well in this genre, but you could always try your hand and making a track similar to the popular ones here to get your first accepted track. All the best - hang in there and keep creating!

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: I’ll do that!

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