Reject... again. Why me? =(

“… this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”

Please help me understand what’s wrong? This is the fourth track which is rejected. My motivation suffered.

Once I sold one item at pond 5 for $40, but here all my items and that one were rejected, so i don’t know, in my opinion, not bad and what they say is a gosh, i’ll find another place, good luck.

Brass - hush (strong attack). The guitar is louder (to reduce the level of distortion and delay). You need to make a smaller stereo panorama on the instruments (by ear). Nice track.

Thanks for the advice! There is something to think about

So I need a softer sound of instruments? I need to learn how to write music again

No, I’m not talking about “writing again”. you need to make “pleasant” the sound of musical instruments. You make “commercial music”, it should not distract the viewer. Your mix is not balanced.

I think that all shit, this thing won’t be captivating if softer or bjaja, spew shit, this way is good and strong,the auther writes the way he needs to express himself, i’d throw away all viewers and fu-ing recommendations, give a term to sell, may be a couple of months, if they are short of time, do not make from the authors stupid rams, let them be the original composers, not the fu-ng lambs under the stupid shepherd, all this is shit, all four years i am here. Pond 5 became also the same shit, but 5 years ago an item was on sale in 5 minutes, and was sold well without anty examination with reproaches.Now shit is everywhere.

Damn! I haven’t reconfigured my brain for commercial music yet. =( It seemed easier. Thanks for the answer!

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Exactly! Music that was poorly written by me 5 years ago was sold better than now. Now I’m trying to do better, but they say it’s shit. Do not be like everyone else, but try not to go far.

NO, I PREFER to remain myself, since my way gives me strong health, ability to survive and do cold yoga in -40-50*C like nature and write and sing blueses in 71 years old when a great part of reviewers, are snotty freaks, nothging knowing about life using drugs, alcohol, tobacco and suffering about millions, ok go , spoil you beautriful music to the standards of narcomans and perverts. =D hahaha

By the way, i noticed many times that good music is rejected, but evident shit is on sale, fk, and i have no idea why, bwaaahahahaha!

0k i’ll upload my blues with singuing next time haha, try to reject and i’ll do with Australia the same i did with America hahahaha bye.

I listened to all exhibited items, haaahaha commercial music, mainly the spew headache shit, i’d mark only one with great dragging up two and yours, they reviewed that shit drunk, or next morning abstinention, not in sane mind and memory, and they maybe commersants, but not misicians, so no worry, preconceived shit and you are a good musician ok that’s all

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I like this track, can´t really say why it was rejected since I´m no expert in that. From my ears only thing I was thinking about is if it would be cooler to raise the tempo a little, not much, maybe 2-4 bpm or something, see how it feels. It feels more relaxing than upbeat to me. Anyway, cool track, sure it finds its use somewhere!

I completely agree that it’s better to live longer and healthier than the reviewer will approve all the uploaded items. Shit my music or not - I’ll decide. Not Australia. Thanks, Vadim! You raised my mood and spirit today.

Maybe the reporter drank enough caffeine and my BPM was not enough. Next time I’ll try to choose another time of day for upload. Although this is hardly possible

hahah ok i’ll not steal ur beautiful song then and upload to the site without moderation, upload there it will be on sale in some seconds hahaha, ok i leave australia alone for a while at least my bride was from here, from sm queen shore or smth hahaha ok good luck go to ProductionTrax
для загрузки трека не требуется создание превью-файла с ватермарком;
форматы файлов — WAV (44.1KHz, 16-bit, stereo) и MP3 (256kb/s или больше, 16-bit, stereo);
работает с PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers), US Payments, поддерживает выплаты чеком (минимум $100), поддерживает на карты Payoneer;
Выплаты происходят автоматически;
цена назначается автором;
доля автора составляет 65%;
эксклюзивность необязательна;
минимума для выплаты нет. no moderation haha or i 'll upload ur beautiful music haaaaaaaaha

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dafuq indeed

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I don’t know the exact reason why your track was rejected… I have the feeling the mix could be improved, the brass synth chords are a bit too loud for me, while the guitar is too quiet… And I have the feeling the overall mix/mastering lacks clarity, maybe some nice high end boost would help. But to be honest, I don’t really know what is wrong…

Waiting for my next track to be approved, I am a newbie here, only uploaded three tracks so far, and seeing all these hard rejects…

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