One of the odd things

I upload tracks to the site and invest time and thought in order to really get what the site is asking for. A lot of sections disqualified me, claiming that they did not meet the site’s standard, lots of sections were, in my opinion, suitable and suitable sections for the site, but I took it as a criticism and kept trying to improve and improve.
Yesterday they sent me the mail that the piece is good and the music is good but you have to lower the silence at first from all the track and send it for review again,

"You need to remove the excess silence from the start of all files. Your music should start without any silence or pause. Please fix and resubmit.
Let us know if you have any questions, thanks! "

I corrected today what they asked me to fix and I uploaded the clips back to the site and received an email that the track was rejected!!!

"This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately."

Really people sitting and checking our tracks or is it a bot?


There’s a huge amount of tracks are uploaded on AJ every day, hundreds are approved, and hundreds(if not thousands) are rejected. Each one of them is to be reviewed by a special Envato team member - the reviewer. So my bet is: the reviewer started to listen to your track, noticed excessive silence, and soft rejected it for that reason. Then you fixed it, the reviewer (maybe not the same one) listened it as a whole and decided it does not meet the quality standard. If you post a link to your rejected item, maybe someone of the fellow authors will give an opinion on why it was rejected.

I understand what you’re saying but it’s still weird that someone checked it out and said - Okay it’s good but just have to fix the silence there is at first, now I guess it’s probably not the same reviewer checked that otherwise he would confirm that he has already confirmed it And there was only a small problem fixed. And if it is another reviewer then it is still strange because someone has already confirmed it then why one would approve and the other would reject on the grounds that it does not meet the standard. In any case, this is the track:


The track sounds pretty professional to me, but I think it’s more of a production music and not stock music. I mean it sounds like score-to-picture (or cartoon), especially with these «gaps». I understand that it’s a feature of this comedy genre, but here on AJ music should be more universal, the more ways customers can use it - the better. So I think it’s not about «quality», it’s about suitability for this particular market (wich is pretty much focused on bloggers and youtubers, not cartoonists etc.). I’m sure this track could find it’s place on some other RF marketplace.

I checked what you said and the truth is that it is not really true. Because the site also has a lot of music like that.
How can I contact a reviewer or website because I do think that this music can serve a lot of customers on the site. I see a lot of YouTube, lots of YouTube users use this kind of music for all kinds of videos.


Maybe you should make it a little bit longer with a slight variation. It sounds ok to me. But maybe the duration of the track is a little bit short. Other than that, the sound is good in my opinion.

Good Luck.

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What I said was just my opinion, so I may be wrong. Another truth is you surely can contact support, but support team is not connected with the review team, and rejected item don’t have any chance to be reviewed once again unless it was completely reworked.

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Thank you all!!

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The situation is weird and the track is good. Contact support or just upload it again. Good luck

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It starts with the AJ watermark, there is still a bit of silence, maybe that’s the reason for the rejection.


this is also start with AJ watermark. i dont think this is the problem

but Tnx

Watermark problems are usually soft rejection, at least in my experience