Your top 3 'Best Sellers'

Thought it would be interesting if we posted our top 3 best sellers and see if there’s any correlation between them.

Are they all the same genre/style/formula?
Is there a certain style you’re good at and therefore rewarded with sales?
Or are they all different and you’re a jack of all trades/master of bloody everything?

Here’s mine, they all seem pretty similar, I must’ve found my true calling in emotional (While still somewhat uplifting) epics.





Here are mine, they are all different genres, no real correlation there, not many sales on each, but interesting what pops up for me.

  1. Fast Indie Rock / Vocal elements

  2. Corporate Patriotic

  3. Metal Guitar Solo

@IsaacMMusic Your tracks are great, emotional yes, love the way they build! I like “Uplifting Dramatic”.

Hey Isaac great tracks in your portfolio. Congratulations. I’m not going to post my top sellers because i don’t see any correlation up to my understanding how things work here. But really cool to discover fresh new music :slight_smile:


My Top Best - Sellers !!!

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Strangely, but One of my best sellers pack :slight_smile:

Hello! My best sellers here:

In my case, all the different genres: