What genre of music you personally sells best?

What genre of music you personally sells best?

Let’s share our experience, as it will be useful for everyone!:notes::notes:


@SmartSounds Great idea for a thread. I’m just starting out, but I always have luck with my “stomp clap”, synth pop, and rock tracks.

Inspirational Piano tracks sell the best for me.


As I noticed, ambient, lounge and chill are my bestsellers!They are really my favourite jenres!:slight_smile:

Genre what you do best of all are sells best! c:
“Style Rock”

It’s been country music of all things that’s done best for me to date. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty niche genre with relatively low sales compared with some other categories.

Corporate Motivational is the best.

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I love writing big epic film music but…

… my stompy muted guitar ukulele stuff sells best.

No point in moaning about how much ukulele music people upload. Just watch TV. Ukulele and claps and bells on every single advert nearly!

Dynamic Sport!

Indie Rock!

corporate motivational inspiring uplifting upbeat business tracks :stuck_out_tongue:


Some stuff with a piano seems to sell!

Motivational Corporate music)

For me, soft background orchestral stuff, and retro wave stuff.

I did do one ‘corporate’ track though- its the only song of mine with ‘corporate’ in the title, and even though it’s not a personal fav, it’s one of the best selling! Whayagonnado. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Classical, piano waltz and romantic
i think I have some nice classical soundtrack orchestral stuff, but It’s hard to get sold here… :roll_eyes:

I especially sell World, Chill and Ethnic tracks…
Here are some of them. Maybe you want to check it :slight_smile:

I have found that Future Bass is the best for me. It has good sells and it is very interesting to make music in this genre.

Simple piano tracks