Your Last Sold Track



To my opinion it is really important to know what kind of tracks are selling on the stock right now. I mean, of course various tracks sells every day, but in some time of the year Pop music is selling better and sometimes Ukulele or Epic music are selling better (not to mention holidays, which I always forget).
So this thread is dedicated to resolve question ,What genre should I compose in order to boost my sales ‘’ .

So what do we do here?

  1. Share your link from the last track you sold.

  2. Write a genre of your music track

  3. If you like some music in this thread, feel free to leave a comment .

Ok guys , let’s boost our sales !!!

How do I find out which tracks were my last sales?

Rio samba. Always late for sportive manifestation and holidays :slight_smile:


“Something Cute”

A positive, natural sounding track with a hand-made feel.


Hi @FankiMankizProductio
2 CInematic music )))


You very nice idea !!! I support you and your Project in forum !!!


@FirstNote, @WildLion_Production Very nice sound guys, I can see that you’re really selling this tracks !!!


Thank you !)))


My last purchased track is Classical Inspiration. Motivational modern classic music item :slight_smile:


The most recent sold item from my portfolio was this one:



Oldschool Hiphop beat


@LuckyBlackCat , very nice track dude. I can see that it’s selling pretty solid ! Great job !




Wow dude. That track is freaking awesome ! hollywood sound !


Hello @FankiMankizProductio! :slight_smile:
This one was sold to a few hours ago:
Acoustic track.


Thanks bud! :wink:


Thanks, mate! :beers:
I like to write orchestral music. It’s one of my favourite styles :slight_smile:


That’s a sweet beat #Flowsopher !
Very nice groove with dope samples, as you say in the description. I wish Hip Hop stuff sold better on stock markets…


it’s not my favorite, it’s not original, but it’s my best sale :wink:



@BlueBuddy , I think it’s pretty cool ! :slight_smile:


Motivational track: