Audiojungle titles

I have just had a look at the “popular” files.

I see the trend to get “original” names for your track is finally over. At least, the reviewers will not accept generic names such as “My track is the best” or “You need this track”

Now you can find tracks such as:

Upbeat Corporate Motivational Inspiring Uplifting
Inspiring Ambient Corporate Upbeat Uplifting
Uplifting Inspiring Cinematic Emotional Piano
Upbeat Uplifting Corporate Motivational Inspiring
Emotional Piano Inspiration Uplifting Cinematic
Upbeat Corporate Motivational Inspiring Uplifting
Corporate Motivational Inspiring Upbeat Uplifting
Uplifting Summer Inspiring Corporate Motivational
Uplifting Motivational Inspiring Cinematic Trailer
Inspirational Emotional Motivation Cinematic Trailer
Upbeat Corporate Motivational Inspiring Uplifting
Uplifting Emotional Motivational Inspiring Cinematic
Inspiring Uplifting Motivational Emotional Cinematic
Cinematic Emotional Inspiring Motivation Trailer

Good to know for my next submission! :slight_smile:

PS: Once I have tried to name my track:

“Inspiring Inspiration to Inspire the Motivation” but it was rejected. May I retry?


I always feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable when naming my tracks and i try to think of more or less sensible names, but there’s nothing i can do about search engine. As i saw on forums and YT, buyers are not happy with this nonsense too, and they are unhappy with cheesy, generic and cheap corporate, “epic” or ukulele-marimba tracks. If the free market should be regulated by demand and supply, then what kind of market is this, where both customers and providers are unhappy?


Question: Is the sales count on that tracks the overall sales count or is it limited to the year 2021? I mean, the best sold track has 53 sales and if it’s the overall sales count…times are gone where you could sell a lot of licenses.

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I guess it’s 53 sales in last week.

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I think it’s the sales considering last week. That’s why is in the “Popular” list.
the first track got more than 5000 sales so far and 53 sales just last week.
someone still sells a lot of licences… at 5$!

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With track names like these, I would have a hard time browsing through my own portfolio. I wouldn’t be able to remember which track was which. I imagine a client would just give up altogether.