What are you selling?

Let’s discuss what you are selling right now. For example:

Music tracks? Music kits? Music packs?

Do you see any trends in what your customers are buying (indie, corporate, percussion, pop, folk, cinematic, etc.)?

How are your sales of broadcast licenses compared to sales of standard licenses?

Are you selling more old tracks or newer uploads?

This conversation isn’t about whether your overall sales numbers are up or down, which is already being discussed in the AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2 thread.

I’ll start with this:

  1. I’m selling fewer music packs than I used to. I have never sold a ton of them, but used to sell them more frequently than I have in 2018.

  2. Recent sales are split 70%-30% older tracks to new uploads.

  3. Recent sales are in these categories (in order of most to least): cinematic, comedy, folk, rock, country.

I’m interested in hearing your trends.

I have the same experience with packs… maybe the change of prices doesn’t help.
I sell mostly piano tracks and classical cinematic stuff.

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My Jazz stuff is picking up over the past year…

  1. I’m selling mostly tracks.
  2. Of the last 580 sales, 50 where broadcast Licenses. About 35 1mill, 10 10mill, a couple of mass reproduction and 3 Film and Broadcast. So almost 10 % broadcast Licenses.
  3. Most sales are in Jazz category or Cinematic (comedy, quirky, retro). Mostly tracks from the last year, but also some older stuff.