Share your unexpected best-sellers!

I’m curious how many of you have uploaded items of which you thought they were never gonna sell, but unexpectedly did.
Whether it’s a positive ukelele deathmetal track or a happy clap gangster beat. Share your accidental hits!

This one is mine:

It was my third upload, I had not sold anything for the first three months, and this one was my first ever sale. This inspired me to upload some more stuff!

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would you believe 23 sales for a very short whistling tune??

(too bad the sfx are worth 1$ only! :smiley: )


Hope I won’t break any forum rules by posting links here but one track I didn’t expect would ever become popular is:


Ha! I like the tracks posted here. The whistle and “dun dun dun!” are perfect examples of why I love AudioJungle. Where else could you create something so simple and fun and have it provide use to others like this?

I actually think we’ve had a lot more songs that we thought were going to take off, and never did anything. :slight_smile:


This was a bit of an upbeat outsider among the typical Zimmer-ish tracks in the cinematic category. It didn’t take off initially, actually the first year or so sales were close to zero. I figured it was a bit too 80’s Superman styled for the modern audience. But then one day suddenly sales started to come in. I was pleasantly surprised :sunglasses:

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@WorldBeyond I think it’s okay to share your tracks as long as it is in the ‘rooftop’ section of the forums!

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I know it’s not in the same ballpark as some of your sales but my second best seller I did in about an hour before my wife got back from work! I thought it wouldn’t sell at all because there’s nothing to it but it’s doing quite nicely -

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This ambient selling better than other tracks - Ambient Background
Also one of my corporate music kits selling very well - Commercial Kit.

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@ElevateAudio I think it mostly is the other way around, yeah. Having high hopes for a track: 0 sales…

@Stockwaves Weird how that works sometimes, seems like a snowball effect, but what has caused it to suddenly get noticed? Aside from the fact that it is an awesome track of course!

@TenRoomsAudio maybe that’s your key to succes: Keep it simple and fast!

@LuckyBlackCat Great tracks, ambient seems to alwys be a reliable source of sales when done right.

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Not sure, can only guess some VH author found it, used it, and inspired others to do the same. Thanks :sunglasses:

My champion number one :smile:
Epic Sport

And second place :sunglasses:
The Epic

they are competing together and in turn each track comes forward sometimes :smile: