Share your best selling expensive tracks

Share with us your best selling high quality tracks with +49$ price. Let’s discover where are the niches with rich clients so we can fulfill them with high quality tracks and… attract new clients who avoid AJ because of it repetitiveness.

It is not a “price fixing discussion” because we do not convince to change prices, it’s just a simple market research in the area of high quality tracks.

I will not post links because it may be against the rules, of anti-self promotion but I suppose that you can post links to your tracks, like in the “Your Last Sold Track” or “Your Item Was Appoved for Sale” topics.


  1. Fast Action Epic Trailer for 59$ - first sales were before the ADP but since I have risen prices, I’ve got more sales. I have to admit it’s one of the best tracks I’ve ever made. It is relatively unique for AJ, but it’s not unique as an cinematic action track in general.

  2. Typewriter Keystrokes and Percussion Stomp for 59$ - It can be expensive because of its uniqueness. I have to mention that some sales came after setting lower price but in fact lower price didn’t give me a bigger exposure or more frequent sales. So I decided to rise it and it will stay like this for a long time.

  3. Industrial Punk’s Machines for 100$ - it’s about 1 year old and has three sales, all for 100$. Again uniqueness and quality.

I have more similar examples in my portfolio. Share your experiences and please do not start price fixing discussion which is forbidden here.


Great idea RedOctopus! Personally, I’m a huge fan of your ‘Electro Blues Groovy Song’ which you have up for $69. It’s a cracking track. Very unique.

I do mostly classical stuff, the demand for which is somewhat limited, so my sales figures aren’t gonna win any awards, but hey, I’m not too worried about that!
I generally have 4 pricing tiers for music depending partly on the length and partly on how big the arrangement is. I’m happy to say that my best seller based on commission is from my top tier:


Packs are counting?

my lullabies are giving me a lot of satisfaction!



I really think this track needs a mention here in this thread. It’s beautiful music @artsygoat. Epic, yet perfectly understated. It shows that if you really go that extra mile with quality and uniqueness, you can achieve awesome sales at a decent price. Wish you many more sales with it. :slight_smile:


Hey @criskcracker thanks man! You honor me! :pray:

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Love this! It makes me want to dig out my dad’s old Korg Wavestation SR.
It’s got an awesome Stars of the Lid vibe.

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Since my last post I’ve sold another four “Typewriter Keystrokes and Percussion Stomp” for 59$ . Now it has 19 sales. Uniqueness of this track allowed me to set high price and it was worth it!


This KIT I have sold 9 times ranging from $59-$149 Standard License (currently running a nice compromise price for $120… :sweat_smile:)

I have to say I am falling more and more into the concept of having “regular priced” tracks and more exclusively priced tracks. Simply because it has been working very well for me so far, those tracks that you can’t imagine ending up as a chart topper… why not sell them for a more exclusive price? And what we consider “exclusive” prices here on AJ are simply close to average prices on other markets…

This is a cool moody indie rocker from @waxpoetic (30 sales)

Honestly I don’t think we can do much to the aggressive price dumping as long as Envato have no other plan then to be desperately promoting it. BUT I really think we can inspire and educate each other that there is serious money to be made if you target the customers with budgets who cares a little extra about their project. And if the selection of higher priced tracks on AJ is bigger and attractive enough we might see an increase in those customers looking for something special or who just simply feel good about spending money :slight_smile:


Nice! So how many sales did you have with price around 100$ and more?

E-X-A-C-T-L-Y. Or we can complain and do nothing :wink:

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Most of the sales were $59 in the beginning, after that some at $79 and 1 at $149.

I have had very few tracks priced over $100 but I had another perc track sell at $120 recently as well (3 sales on that one, 2 at $59 and 1 at $120)

Thanks for the shoutout @MojoSoundtrack. Funny enough, that song actually started selling better after the price increase and re-title (it used to be called something like Indie Rock Vintage or something keywordy like that). Seems to be well liked in Russia…

To be honest, I’ve tried a lot of strategies and have no idea what’s ever going to work. But I keep a premium group of tracks anyway, just because I feel like they are worth it.

Cool Moody Indie Rocker… that’s probably going to be the name of my next upload in your honour!


Very cool! I know that if a customer searched for keywords lets say with price filter $50 and up suddenly original keywords starts to get triggered (if there are not millions of tracks hi jacking the tag titles) and “proper names” can get visibility. So maybe that explains something… + customers probably browse your portfolio and a quality track can help sell itself as well :slight_smile:

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  1. Be sad and inspired
  2. Make a track
  3. Set a high price
  4. ???
  5. Profit