Why not custom prices for AJ?


Sorry I haven’t found in search anything…
But why not have custom prices by authors?
Graphic River did it and I think its the best…


because people who dont appreciate their music will start selling full tracks for 5 dollars and before you know all tracks will be almost free ! :smiley:


Agreed. It may just turn to damping war.


If this was to happen then people who only care about the number of sales would embark on an undercutting exercise. Competition would escalate and the playing field would be upset by authors who would be prepared to sell cheap items. I for one think that all authors have a consistency in the pricing and selling cheaply or even at a higher price would lead to a downfall of AJ. IMHO. :slight_smile:


Juat set up a minimum price like the one currently used.

A minimum of 19$ for a 3 minutes track is OK. But it should be possible to sell it for 50$ or more.
It works, and other marketplaces are the proof.


1 track for $50? How many sales will do this track on envato?
Other marketplaces have $50 or more for a track, of course. But the question is: How more sales have with this action?

Example: If i have 1 track for $19 and do 5-10 sales… I will not change my price to $50 because the maximum can get will be 1 or 2 sales. This is an example of course, what track is, quality, etc…

All is about marketing also. How many times me/you/buyer look at 1 item and when we see 20/50/100 sales, we think: “Hmm… nice item, maybe i will buy too”. So, better to have more sales… Means, more traffic! : -)

Unfortunately buyers search to get something cheap… So, there are too many tracks in market, and if buyer find 2 similar tracks with $19 and $50, you know which track they will buy. :wink:


I have a tracl on AJ at 19$ with 4 sales
Same track, another marketplace, 60$, 6 sales. Average track price on this marketplace is about 24$ and you can name your price.
(License is different, although)

… You need also some luck. And quality items, of course!


Another example. I have a short logo (considered a sfx) on AJ for maybe 1 $ and 15 sales

Other market, same track, 8$, almost 60 sales…


I understand but you talk about other marketplaces in your examples. Of course need luck always.
I think less prices more sales. My opinion…


That’s the road to undervaluate our work… AJ is sooo cheap that cheaper is hard to think… :slightly_smiling:


We are free to choose man. But i think envato is a powerful market. I understand the cheap method, who really wins, but the only i can say, until today i get sales, clients, i build a good name and envato is the only marketplace give me all this good things. I try many marketplaces before (of course someone else can get more money than envato, i talk about me) but at the end i choose envato. There are rules which not like to all, that’s why we are free to choose the better market way for us… :wink:


A lot of companies have decent budgets and would happily pay a lot more for a high quality item. If they just added a broader dollar range to keep things civil (say $12-$40), I think it would have a positive effect. Top sellers would probably raise their prices and others who aren’t getting much traction would probably keep theirs as is or lower. The broader dollar range would add another facet to the search filter so that more peoples music would be separated by budget.


Exactly. I support author pricing. Just set the minimum price to the current price, it doesn’t have to be a race to the bottom at all. A lot of buyers don’t care if a track they want costs $19 or $99. Price communicates quality. Let the authors decide what their work is worth.

At a certain other site many quality photos regularly sell for $3-400 even if the site is packed with $5 photos. Same with footage, some people give it away for $15 but the business savvy people charge $120-900… And they still sell.


I think that the system of the existing system , with all its shortcomings, is the best at the moment.
In the case of the possibility of setting prices should not radically change something because:

Market allows you to use the licensed product in the low-budget projects. So, if stay at $ 19 as minimum bar, what the point then to adjust item price to $ 50 for example? In this case you might lose some of the low-budget customers.

On-site Envato , I would let auhros to rise the price of the license which is really serious as broadcast and film license, as this domains are really important for us, authors. Just imagine the sitation:
Someone purchased the track for $ 300 , you check who it is, and you see that one of the offices of Hollywood bought your track for a new trailer. You are not in PRO (or you are, does not matter), and all that you have received this pathetic $ 160-200 +. Shame.

Letting authors adjust prices for film/TV licenses up to $ 1000 or even more, is great start to see how such system might works. It is not daily sale, but this data, I think should be enough for next steps.


Of course you will, but you can make more money from your items, if they are of better quality than the cheap ones. A Ferrari is not priced to maximize the number of sales, only low-quality products are. Revenue is what you want to maximize. An Apple laptop will give you pretty much identical components as a PC half the price. Yet, they seem to sell quite well despite losing the low-budget customers…


+1 for custom (higher) price points. After all, AJ customers (and authors) already have the choice of going to other marketplaces. Supplying variety would be a good thing.


And why just Envato put the price range from 20-25$? Or just put fixed price od 22$ and everyone happy? I think firstly because from my point of view, tracks are underrated (+taxes, fees etc)…You get far from a decent earning per licence.If we sell tracks for 22-25$ and get at least 15-17$ per track, that would be awesome…Talking about exclusive authors.


Yeah definitely!!


An increase to $22 is not much, we’re talking increases up to $40-100 here for standard licenses. If the author wants. No one will force you and if you are happy with $19, $22, or $24 then that’s perfectly fine.


it doesn’t matter if aj is going to have custom prices. Is going to be just a tool. You can always keep the price.
Envato should experiment this first.