3k sales

3000 sales! Wow! This has been a lot of fun… :slight_smile:


Great. Congrats.! :+1: :wave: :grinning:

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Great! I mean, really. Congrats!

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Great job! :wave:

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Congrats! Digging your music and guitar playing :slight_smile: I am convinced that you could charge a lot more for your tracks without losing customers. Simply because of the uniqueness and quality of your tracks.


Congratulations !

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Great Sale, Congratulations!

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Thank you all!!!

Thank you! It’s an interesting one. I have another channel where I made some of the bestsellers more expensive and I’m not sure yet. All months seem to be different ha… The moment I think: aj is over, the cheap subscription killed my sales I usually have an amazing month of sales haha…

I am irritated that companies buy almost only the the 1 million broadcast licence (in countries like the UK, China etc)… And almost never the 10million… So I sometimes make them equally expensive hahahaha…

Also making film even less expensive… As TV usually means a commercial and film is usually for a documentary that wants to send there thing to festivals…

Anyway… Thanks… Might try it again…

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Yes making the 1 million and 10 million license closer (or even same) in price is a good strategy. 1 Million is usually the wrong license so it makes sense adjusting to that fact. The ability to set prices on our licenses here at AJ, and especially extended licenses, is quite unique compared to other stock sites, and it’s a pity not to use that opportunity.

As for raising prices in general I know this is scary and especially scary on best sellers since you don’t want to risk those disappearing. One thing that is not scary though, is to increase prices on your lower performing tracks, the “risk” is naturally much lower on these, and then I am sure you will see, over some months, that it really does not matter much/or at all for sales number.

It’s easy to blame higher prices for lower sales number, but the increasing competition both internal here at Envato and also outside Envato is in general the nr 1 reason by far. I also think many authors can confirm that AJ sales can be very different from month to month, so it really takes quite some time to get a feel for what prices that works or not.

Congratulations! :trophy:


Congratulations !

good score :slight_smile: Congrat!!!



Congrats! Happy to see your hard work paid off :slight_smile:

Congrats! :slight_smile: