Authors.Please stop selling tracks with 5 usd!

Despite the fact that is disrespectful to other authors is disrespectful to yourself ! I understand this a taboo subject on AJ board but this is getting really disturbing. It creates a chain reaction and we will end up selling our work for 1 usd ( that is the amount after all the taxes ) . Some elite authors had the privilege to join the elements and this is not quite an issue to them, but we are struggling ourselves with really low priced competitors.
That post does not intend to be disrespectful but a signal to all of us who are relying on these sellings in order to feed our family .
Thank you all. Peace.


If authors want to destroy themselves with this pricing strategy then let them. Do not follow them just to make less than a dollar. Create something different and price it sensibly. If you create something the same as most authors then sticking on a cheap price tag is your only option to sell something. An author just recently sold an item with a hefty purchase price - well done to them - maybe increasing prices is the answer - it did not hurt me so far.


I prefer to have 20*$16 sales in a month rather than 50*$0.50. Yes, it’s not huge money, but it’s pretty helpful anyway. But we all need to understand that fast and extreme falling of a price is a result of this market have become a mass market. We create media production on industrial scales, so more cost-effective strageies are winning. If one could afford selling tracks for $5, than it’s an effective strategy. Sadly.


Someone has to hit the table with his fist. But as you know, there are many of tracks for $5 , or even $6. The process cannot be stopped if Envato himself does not want …


You hit me with the 6 usd​:+1::joy:

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Gballx, they are not destroying just " themselves". They are destroying everything else.That’s the way the marketing works.Some people prefer to sell their work for nothing. Ok.The market will buy the cheapest product.We are not talking Armani vs Zara here.So the potential clients will come to AJ to find tracks for 5 bucks! Everything higher will be ignored.Its not quantity vs quality. Want cheap? go AJ.I am not saying this.Hundreds of post across the internet confirms what i said.Sadly.


I think when a buyer (a production company) finds the right track it won’t matter how much it costs. Maybe a YouTuber who makes videos for fun will prefer the cheapest price out there, but when an agency finds a track that works they will pay $5 or $80.

I still have my items at $39 and some at $49. I’ve noticed that when I drop the prices I don’t get more sales, only less money. Sales stay around the same.


I disagree from my experience. Selling tracks at lower prices has never increased the amount of sales for me. It seems like if someone likes the track in a lot of cases they don’t mind paying $30 instead of $5.


There’s always an option : buying cheap with low quality product or buying normal/expensive with high quality product. most buyers don’t buy cheap and distasteful stuff so if you’re trying to lower your price then you’re selling to the minorities, that’s your choice.


So the situation is even worse, people are giving away their work almost for free and without any garanties for profit. It’s suicidal behavior!


No. I didn’t say selling cheap is a solution. The ugly truth here is market dictates the prices. Look at counterfeit brands.People wants to wear quality brands but they are expensive.Or just their prices are justified.The research, the specialised people working in developement and an entire army in the marketing and branding dpt. People will buy cheap, fake brands.Quality does jot matter for some people.So as long as featured items are mostly 5 usd.(Do not trust me. Look for yourself.) these authors are growing.People will check their tracks and will try to copy their quality and style.It will become a trend of lack of quality! Corporate music? There are tens of thousands of them with the same moronic chord progression and cheap, fake plastic vst sound delayed guitar. Come on people ! But they are still selling.Because they are cheap and confortable.

Here’s what I’ve searched just now:
There are 613204 music tracks on audiojungle.
There are 27736 music tracks under 10$.
It’s %5. That is not a big percentage.
Actually, there have to be low priced tracks for low budget customers. We should attract all type of customers to make bigger this marketplace.
But seriously, high potential tracks should be expensive than the other ones, of course.


I think Audio Jungle need a mimimim price setting ! I did some 5$ experiment, I did some high price experiment too, and middle one, every experiment lead to sales. But it’s true that cheap price, lead to sales more quickly than pricing high ! Obviously the money you earn with high price is more reliable and
and compensates for the months with few or 5$ sales !

The things that we can’t deny is that AJ is also a big number game, ranking, number of sales etc, so I think for small portfolio like mine with not so much sales it’s probably harder and longer to trigger steady sales at regular price etc. This why I’m trying some different pricing, (15$ minimum) and middle / High price !

The real guilty here is not the price, not only the quality or the trend or number of sales, I think it’s more about the fact that the market is over saturated, and subscription model is just taking the lead …

And obviously the one who have quality item, regular upload, and steady sales (even if sale are going down) are the only one who still to manage to earn money on a regular basis here !

SO even if I like Audio Jungle a lot, I keep to see it as a secondary market place or source of income, which contribute to my total income. I think I won’t success here, but each source of income are worth, so non-exlucive strategy works better for me !


Good call. But, to be honest, that’s even scarier.:slight_smile:

That is a possible cause, agree. The pandemic lockdown was the starting point of some of these issues.Just look at the review times.5 times longer than 4-5 days as usual. The market is oversaturated and still people are looking for cheapest price and decent quality.Here is a matter of perception and non debatable. Still trying to find out the pricing niche in order to keep sales decent.


I can understand some low prices when a newcomer trying to get some “positions”, because its hard to be visible when you just start, and it still not 5(no matter how good your quality). But usual I see 5$ tracks from the top authors, who has a lot of views, who sit here for 5-8-10 years, who should be an example. The trend at such prices is set by people who are already on top, so they motivate others to do that(just my opinion).


You’re 100% right, this is a big issue here !! And obviously since AJ create some new category with “Hot under 11$” etc, it won’t help !

They need to attract customer because I believe most of them are gone, for so many reason. I think about some “cheap” customer, who were used to pay a standard licence at older price (I think it was 12$ if I remember well) and since free price, most of us are just try to make the price high ( I support high price for sure), so these customers, are gone to some subscription model. I also believe that AJ standardization is part of guilty here, too much corporate track with all the same chords and sound etc, you can’t keep customer alive if you don’t diversify your market etc…

Obviously It’s just some reflexion I had since the situation here is pretty bad


Yes, the pandemic didn’t help, so many business or company are closed now, and people were more focus about how to deal with the pandemic situation than “what will be the next music I will pay for my video project” etc…

I think high price is the solution if you are non exclusive, there no need to trigger algorithm or boost view with more sales etc, it’s just a matter of patience because as non exclusives you have to take care about all your source of income and some are going great for months while AJ is dead, and the opposite Is also true

But in my personal case, all other market place are doing better than AJ in general


Well. I did try the high price solution.I ended up with 2 sales in a month.( still trying to figure out a way to hide the sells from my wife…):rofl:. Maybe is just my repertoire. I am not quite a big fan of my work though. Still new in the AJ market i do have no legitimate right to complain, to be honest.But i am really struggling with the crisis after my business crashes and the future doesn’t look so bright, too.


Spot on! :+1: