Audio Jungle music track prices.

That is getting really upsetting. i don’t mind authors which are selling their work for 1 usd.Regarding the fact that this is the amount they are getting after taxes and AJ cut, but we are fighting in a really unfair war.I know this is a ’ number game ’ as everyone said, but there must be something to be done. I am not starting a quality vs quantity dispute here. That will lead to pandemonium, but i am really curious how many sales will have these ’ 1usd’ author if all the prices were fixed ? Opinions?

This has been a real talking point since ADP - Author Driven Pricing was introduced. Unfortunately there are authors who are willing to sell audio for less than $1 after fees and commission. Do authors make enough sales on these items to justify this pricing - probably not but try and explain that with the data does not compute. Talking about a pricing war and item prices is not allowed on the forum which makes some sense but the alternative is to go back to the old pricing structure which sees audio items sold too cheaply. This is a real puzzle.

It is funny to see how people starting to be angry on each other because of the pricing. I just found out that I can’t post in some topics if I sell some of my tracks for less than 11$. I feel like I’m some kind of second-rate human.
Does Ferrari complains on Dacia because Dacia company works in a budget segment?
If a customer has budget around 40$ - he will not consider 9$ tracks, and if he has only 5$ - he will not consider tracks for 40$.

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Thank you.I understand that. Did not know that some topics are taboo on the forum. I am kinda new in the stock music domain.Thank you for your answer.

Neellee .I understand and i really did not want to blame authors for their business choices. And really don’t want to make anyone feel second - rate human.And i appologize and that was not my intention. The Dacia vs Ferrari is a discussion that does not belongs here, trust me, lol.My point was :Is hard to compete ( and i repeat is not quality vs quantity) with 15-20 usd difference. Any potential client will be suddenly hypnotized by the cheap products, we are all human after all, and will ignore the higher priced products. And,that is an educated guess.

It is just to follow the rules.

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Roger that. :grinning: