Author Driven Pricing discussion

Hi, I’m starting another topic. Here it will be more visible to authors and less spammy to Envato staff. Remember that we can’t inform each other about prices we set (Envato law). But we can discuss, prognosticate and warn.


I find 5 dollar limit ridicilous. The author earns 0.6 cents.
But they started to price their tracks for 5 dollars. They’ll need to sell almost 20 times more to earn the usual money. So eventually some of them will stop doing this. But in the meantime the market will be out of control and out of balance.


I still don’t know how I will set my prices but In my opinion this would be a good starting point to avoid a huge mess on the market:

  • keep the vast majority of prices on the same level
  • rise the price of some of bigger licenses
  • rise the price of unique items
  • lower the price of some lower quality tracks
  • higher the price of some higher quality tracks
  • setting ridiculously high prices is worthless in my opinion, even in terms of visibility
  • setting small prices is worthless, because you will earn ridiculously small amount of money

I’m looking forward to your ideas.

To the moderators: this isn’t any kind of information about my pricing strategy. What I wrote is only the view on how prices “modulate” on a typical free market (i.e. better quality=higher price), etc.


+1 Totally agree @RedOctopus. Great post as expected!


Totally agree with this, authors should be happy if they get minimum withdrawal amount every month :rofl:


I thing all this ADP is going to destroy the market. Why?. Very simple… As we have this model of buyers see new items and buy what they see and old items get buried. Why not setting 1$ price for invisible items? It is going to be almost 1$ better than nothing for an invisible one and I get one more sale in my counter profile and maybe more exposure aswell.

So then as buyers notices about “low prices old items dumping” they are going to lose interest in new “expensive ones”


But still creating track and uploading it for only 1$ per sale will be very annoying for them. I can’t imagine working for so small amount of money. I don’t believe that there will be a huge number of constant “Onebuckers”


I agree with your vision on pricing.
I think ADP motivates to create quality track more than anything.
In future buyers may search only tracks above certain threshold like 45-50$ cause everything below it won’t be of appropriate quality.

And authors who will make price 5$ just simply won’t survive and they put their own selfs in a trap.

Also it might be good to make a high price for film license as it corresponds with the potential budget of a project.

Just thinking out loud.


That is a very optimistic yet completely unrealistic expectation. Today, I have already found authors selling high quality items with 1000+, 2000+ sales for $9.


So sad…

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I’ve seen them to.
And how long will it take for them to understand that they need to sell around 100 tracks to earn 500$ ?
People who know how to make best seller can’t be that stupid.
I think they’re just making some experiments.
Only time will tell.
And I don’t think that ALL customers only looking for cheap track. Some may be low on a budget, some may search for a very unique item,so…it all depends many factors.

You’re absolutely right… but is it so crazy if a small selection of authors want to check if it is actually possible to sell 20 times more items if they’re set to $5 rather than $20? They’re kind of doing the rest of us a favour by checking!

Well, the best thing for me is that the value of the track is not measured by the lenght. I had a lot of tracks under 2 minutes, and I’m happy they don’t have to cost less than 2+ minutes tracks.


The way this was done makes it nothing more than a total money grab for Envato. I don’t know if they’re trying to cash out as much as possible because they know that subscription services are eating into them already or what but basically all they did if I don’t touch anything is raise my prices by $1 and pocket that themselves (we get absolutely no extra).

We all know about other markets, and while there has been author pricing on one of the big ones, there is also a minimum price which keeps things level and reasonable. This is an absolute race to the bottom with Envato making sure they get their cut (fixed fee) and no thought about authors.

This place is gonna be the bargain basement of the bargain basement for $5 corporate copy cats i’m afraid.

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Thank god, I wasn’t drinking coffee when I read this.


Thisss is another point! Raised my price and the buyers still buy it because they need the music. Less work, less minute, more income.


Yes, I also had normal sales after increasing prices on shorter tracks, so I’m optimistic!


Exactly. I have increased all $15 <2min tracks (1:56) to $20 today.
Lowered the price of old, non selling tracks, and do an experiment with the pack price.
I think the price level will commute in short time as everyone will take a look at the top seller, not the low-cost crap.

And I´m still hear to sell my hours of work for good money, not for starvation wages.


Or even for 5$. Yes, I’ve seen them too. Yes, this is sad.

Then how does that fit with your lowering the price of old tracks? (sorry don’t mean to be antagonizing)