Your sales for WordPress themes in November/December?

My sales almost stopped like never before. 40-50% drop. Not to mention new theme that doesn’t sell at all. But I’m still going up on author’s list. I guess sales are bad in general…

P.S. do you think my newest WP theme is crap as it doesn’t sell at all? I need your opinion. :slight_smile:

Within the last months a lot of people reported this issue with their items. Few sales or no sales at all.

The entire market is on decline as I understand. For example my first approved theme after one month has only 5-10 views per day. So there is no traffic from themeforest at all :frowning:

Maybe because they introduced Envato Elements so they advertise this new market more than ThemeForest.

There is a topic opened for this sales drop issue: What happened to sales?! ( Sales Drop? )

My latest theme released last month & my first theme (2 years old) still selling well, even this month better :smiley:
But traffic is down :frowning:

Few of my themes 2 years old were selling just fine for 2 years until two months ago. Now everything slow down.

Can you please take a look at my latest wp theme which doesn’t sell at all and tell me your opinion about that theme?

(link to my profile is in my description page here on forum)

Yes, I’m seeing a decline as well. One of the major things I see is my bounce rate has doubled from 40% to 80% since the week of Thanksgiving. Not sure what is going on.

Sales are terrible these days

Sales are Very disappointing. I am seeing different authors profile and All have problems.

TF is on the decline. :frowning:

Terrible sales, really, not sure why. Usually in December sales used to be good. ADP, Elements, overloaded themes, all these factors negatively influence to sale.

It’s all about visibility.
If you’re visible, you’ll sell.
If you’re not, then no sales.

Latest homePage design changes were simply one of the most nonSense updates ever.


Not always, as someone said, bounce rate has increased. I’ve notice that too.

I’ve got some interesting answer from support about this. They said this “decline suggests a shift in interest”… anyway as long as I go up on author’s list despite of sales decline, that means I’m not the only one who suffers. :expressionless:

What is the author’s list?

Oh nevermind, I didn’t realize there was a page that listed the author rankings!

I totally agree that things are getting worse here!
Several months before the changes around the upload limits Review queue initiative: author upload limits. I suggested this State of the Union: ThemeForest review queues. . Many authors disagreed but I was sure that this was the only solution. You can see the review time now (notice that it was 70-80 days)

It is obvious that the ADP and the huge amount of the approved products are the factors for these terrible sales recently. Unfortunately, it will get worse shortly unless…

Envato defines a lower threshold for the product prices and brings back the Quality over Quantity (that means less approved themes per month)

Hope not to do what they have to do (like the upload limits) 4-5 months from now but… yesterday. Otherwise this marketplace will be an outlet with low quality themes and prices at $13. Unless this is the scope here…

Guys… Sales are Down? Are you kiddfing me???
Some comments froma potential customer of Envato/Themeforest…

I have been trying to buy a template for over a week now… At first i was requested to setup an envato account, which i did. I then went back to them forest and clicked on the cart that still had my selected theme in it. I am then rquested to sign in (AGAIN), after which the site goes abanas and tells me “It looks like you’re locked out of your account”. Seriously?
I am then pointed HERE (of all places) to find an answer to HOW i can get service?
So i found the sales@ email adress and sent them an email for help. 4 days of numbness have now past. No answer whatsoever. I have made a NEW account, selected the theme again… SAME PROBLEM!.

How can you guys make ANY sales if the system doesn’t actually let customers buy anything AND Envato is not giving any customer service to get past this hurdle? Good luck! Hohohoho!

The contact you need to use is that team generally move quite quickly on fixing locked accounts

This seems quite a common problem for buyers these days. Sending a support ticket also will take minimum 2 working days which I am sure will be long enough for a buyer’s movement from the market.

Hi Travis ; a customer says so, I am sure that you are already aware but here it is for you once more @KingDog
(Thanks Travis.)

My sale down 50%, the first time from i sell my item on TF, no sale for a weed :frowning:

WTH no sales for 72h :open_mouth:


@DJMiMi it’s a night mare, you’re an Elite man…

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