Your Opinions on this Track

Hi guys, I would love to get some opinions on this track. How is it technically and commercially? I haven’t uploaded it on AJ yet. Thanks!

Hm… To my mind it is very specific for AJ… Some pentatonic melodies in synth leads remind me Dream Theather :blush:

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For my ears it’s stylish and pleasant. Not sure about commercial usability though: it sounds having much east-coast taste and much of “late 70ths art-rock” elevator stylisation the same time. Because of scales and synths’ timbres. Very specific, I agree.

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Cool track! I think it sounds good production wise, except that to me the first gong hit is a bit loud.
Regarding commercial value I have no idea, but I see no reason this track couldnt be used in traveling videos and documentaries. Good luck!

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Thanks for the feedback. I wasn’t thinking prog rock when I made it, but I do like bands like Dream Theatre. It’s actually inspired by a video game composer called Alexander Brandon. It is a self indulgent track, but I can imagine it working in travel projects. I might change the name of the track to something like “Inspiring Asian Adventure.” I guess it only goes part way to being Asian style though, it doesn’t completely commit. :smiley: I know that being such a mashup of styles isn’t very good for stock music.

Well guys this track got rejected. I guess they don’t like genre-merging progressive nonsense. :smiley: On a lighter note I sent the track to Alexander Brandon, the games composer who I was inspired by to make it, and he was into it. He said it reminded him of 90s Tangerine Dream, so I’ll have to check out some of that.