what do you think about this track? it was rejected. Help!

Hello everyone! I tried to upload this track to audiojungle but it was rejected. It could be the sound quality or maybe the composition as such. Will be very helpful the feedback you could give.

This is the track

Music is good in its own way.
I think music is perfect for an emotion film or anime cartoon film.
Watching the beautiful landscapes, indulge in memories, even just dream.
It is easy to listen to. She is pleasant to the ear and does not press.
I don’t even know why he was rejected.
Most likely not a commercial product … or due to the fact that it is already in YouTube since June 1, loaded. Or maybe the reviewer did not like it. There are lots of options, and we will not get any “detailed” answers from the reviewers :frowning_face:

From myself I will add. You are a great fellow!
I wish you only good luck and move in the direction of the movie.
Who can know, maybe you will become the next author of the hit in the spirit of the soundtrack INTERSTELLAR…? :thinking: :sunglasses:
Anyway, I wish you good luck!

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This unusual 5 note arpegiator playing is not pleasant to listen to and sounds unmusically.

Thank you very much for taking the time to review this piece. I feel honored by your words. I wish you the best in your life and in your music career.

Have a great day!

Thank you audioland for your review. I think the word “unmusically” is very relative, but could be one reason cause the piece was rejected. As I know the pieces on audiojungle are reviewed just by one curator and that curator could think similar to you.

Have a good day.


  1. I would suggest redoing the EQ on the piano and especially adding the mids back to it, cut back on some of the rumble too.
  2. The 5-note arpeggiator makes sense when the percussion comes in, so perhaps introducing that countering rhythm earlier (maybe using soft synth chords) in the piece in some way will keep the arp from being orphaned when it first comes in.
  3. The strings alternate between (very nice) legato passages punctuated by large breaks, I would fill those breaks with softer, legato, unison string passages to link the chordal passages together.
  4. Bring the percussion down in volume a bit, and add some rhythmic connective tissue between the stabby percussion under the vocals toward the end, maybe some shakers or clicks or something like that. Keep in mind that our brains sometimes unconsciously fill in the gaps, so it may sound more full to you than it does to the uninitiated listener.
  5. I like how you ended it, but maybe they are expecting it to end with Bb minor? Dunno.

Other than that the mix and overall sound quality is really nice! Nice tonality too.