1st track rejected - could use some help

Hi guys,


It’s my first time getting into submitting and I thought my track was to par with AJ standards. Anyone have some suggestions as to why this wasn’t accepted?
Is the piano too loud/robotic?

Thanks so much!

hello, in my opinion it lacks emotion and interpretation. A lot of work is to be done on the sound processing, depth reverb.


Something like played by a robot. Old libraries, too much midi sound.

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Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate you taking the time to listen to my track.

As far as sound processing, are you meaning compression, EQ, etc.? Or something else? I had put already a fair amount of reverb, I was concerned it would sound way too echoey if I added more.

What would you suggest to add emotion and interpretation?

Thanks so much!

Hey @Manriquedelara,

Thanks for the input.

What would you recommend to making it sound less robotic? Humanizing the piano and more dynamic velocities?

Interestingly, I’m using some of the newest and pricier libraries from Native Instruments, so I’m surprised regarding it sounding old/midi. Is it all of the instruments or just some?

Thanks for your time!

I’m talking about depth and placement, with pre delay and plate reverb to give a wide stereo image. like when you watch a concert, it’s not just the balance but the placement in space. the depth. for example the drummer is further behind even if his sound is very present. etc., etc.

when it comes to emotion, if you’re a musician, you know what i’m talking about. are you a pianist?

Thanks for that info on the placement. Yes, working with space is one thing I haven’t learned yet but have on my to do list.

I’m actually a guitarist for years, and then self taught the keyboard over the last few years.
I honestly thought there was some good emotion in the piece in the arrangement, but where I feel it might be improved is the pull and push of dynamics.