Reject. Please help! + to karma!)

Hello everyone. I’ve got another rejected track. Please, give me your opinion about this track, and what’s wrong with it.

Thank’s a lot to everyone, who leave some comment!

Hello ! It sounds very volumetric (I like the sound of the beginning of your track)! The panorama is great! Piano (in my opinion for not enough reverberation and space) Your staccato, it plays first) 0:33 - 0:50 and instead of continuing and developing the melody, I hear a break and suddenly staccato acts as a subdued instrument (or some strange solo). There are not enough instruments (stringed legato, flute, lower staccato or pizzicato, and elektro guitar and bell would also fit) in my opinion, there are also not enough sound effects.
Good luck!

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Great advice! Thank you very much!)

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