Dear Composers, Need a Feedback on uploaded track

Hi Everyone. I uploaded this track to aj and it’s already 3rd day of rewieving. Just wanted to ask composers, is it good enough for audiojungle, Or should i change something before getting hard reject?

Too bad?

Romantic/Sentimental category i guess?

Let it in queued, who knows.
I dont want to be negative, but if they reject it, could be because i feel it like a “real composition” piece, not a song for audiojungle.
In other hand, i think i have seen some rejected because the use of only one instrument. But don´t trust too much in this, maybe i am wrong.

I like it.
Good luck!

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Yes, you are right, i uploaded it to Romantic/Sentimental category.

I understand what you mean. Thanks for comment!

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Maybe you might want to add some strings to make the piece more dynamic.

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Yeah,I was thinking about it. Thank you!

Approved :slightly_smiling_face:


One advice, or an opinion. Trust in your work, this song deserves more than 9$.

Thank you! Maybe you are right :slightly_smiling_face:

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