I got rejected track. Please help :)

I got rejected romantic track: “Thank you very much for your submission. After much consideration it has been decided that this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”
I don’t understand what is bad, can you help me and say your opinion? I was thinking about it and maybe can be problem with constant soft tympani (I like it but I’m not shure if it’s commercial). Or maybe can be problem with too loud the single ton hold at beginning.
Do you have any ideas? Thank you very much for taking your time :slight_smile:
Here is the track:

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Well, as always, this is just an opinion.
i would put the voice more in the background, maybe with more reverb.
That “kick” all over the track sounds a little bit strange for me, like out of tempo sometimes.
The synth all over the song sounds strange sometimes.
The snare roll sounds strange for me, try to find another type of sound for the rise up.
And the piano, with just one listenning, seems like a some kind of jam session.

I hope some of this can help.

Thank you very much ! It helps a lot! I’ll do some changes and I will see :slight_smile:
I wish you the best :slight_smile:

The piano playing is very unpro or un-musically.

thanks :slight_smile: I’ll do changes :slight_smile: