Piano and Strings composition Rejected... again.

Hello guys!

I am new member of this community and I really need your help. I am trying to get my tracks to AudioJungle, but they all have been rejected.

I think that my last piece is pretty solid, so I don´t really know why it has been also rejected.

Could you please give me some feedback for this track?


Thank you !


In my very humble opinion I think the composition is good, the piano sound needs to be more authentic (different library) less bright and overall bigger in scale. Please do not take MY opinion as criticism. This is a tough area to crack and what is the ideal Piano / Sound / Library - I do not know.

You are very close! I would balance volume vertically between different tracks and horizontally through whole piece.

  • piano is too bright and too loud at the beginning
  • strings have too much volume automation (between the beginning and middle part)
  • those libraries aren’t bad, but as gballx said, there are better “ready-to-go” libraries
  • slightly more reverb should be ok

This track sounds quite well. Try to balance volume and make instruments sound more "natural’ and it will be ok in my opinion.

Thank you! I also thought that the sound of the piano could be a little problem. I own and I use only Native Instruments The Giant. I know that this library is better for trailer stuff, but right now it is only option for me. Thank you again for you feedback! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your advices! Really appreciate it! :slight_smile: