Do you think this would be accepted?

I haven’t been publishing a lot of tracks here on AJ for a while. It takes a lot of time compared some other sites where I am much better off in sales. Kind of sad, but oh well. Do you think it’s worth going through the hassle?


Not sure. Those dissonances at 1:04 are pretty nasty! I like the track, but don’t think it fits here. Or you could rework it and round those corners.

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I like them personally. So I’ll just keep them. If AJ doesn’t like them, so be it :slight_smile:

By the way, I think you are right. I appreciate your advice. I don’t think it necessarily fits in with the usual slick stuff here. But there is some darker, more dissonant stuff which gets accepted. So maybe they’ll accept it. I’ll just submit it. What the hey.

Outstanding composition!!! Personally I would work a tad more on the reverbs and spatiality of the orchestration and perhaps in the percussion section, specifically trying to give the timpani a more organic, human feel. Again, I feel the reverbs could help a lot here.

The arrangements from 2:00 to the ending are exquisite.

Congrats. Admirable work.

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Wow, thanks for the complments. And the pointers as well :slight_smile:

BTW, are you going to keep the actual name of the track (Coming to Fruition) if it’s approved here? I myself have a quite unconventional, off-genre, orchestral track to be -hopefully- approved in 4 days and I’m super unsure about how to name it to give it a minimum commercial viability. For the moment, it’s going to be called Orchestral Documentary (yeah, lame) but I don’t know…

Naming is so tricky. They always tell you to come up with some unique name, but nobody ever does lol. No matter what anybody says, it always seems like generically titled tracks sell better.

It’s sad to find sooo many great tracks with unique names buried in the jungle. I guess it’s a motivational-epic-emotional-uplifting-inspiring-cinematic world out there (or so it seems when looking at the featured tracks). :slight_smile:

Anyway, good luck with your submission, Erick!

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Try with a simple C-E-G-E piano arpeggio (for 2 minutes), some hit/boom/crash (and don’t forget the cymbal! very required for unique competitive market music), and then, a G-E-C-E strings ostinato (
in the opposite direction of the piano, just to give more emphasis and ‘originality’).
Don’t worry about distortions and noises (give more reverb and it’s ok!), limit at 7 LUFS (forget the loudness trends and go to loudness war!).
Oh… if at some point you get tired with C-E-G-E, you can try with F-A-C-A (C-A-F-A for ostinato, don’t forget!).

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Made me laugh :slight_smile:

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Nice! Quite natural strings. I would try to emphasize melodies in mix - this is sometimes important for reviewers. And toms - I would try to add some bass depth to them and maybe more reverb?

And about genre - it’s not typical commercial track, but you can find a lot of similar tracks in classical and/or cinematic/fantasy categories.

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