Do you think this will get accepted?


So had a song which had previously been rejected, so I asked for feedback here on the forums and then went back to improve it based on the suggestions given.

This is the original version, which got rejected (for comparison purposes):

Here is the reworked version:

I completely re-did the mixing to make it less muffled, less lofi-ish, and overall more professional sounding.

I also did some changes to the arrangement, changing the beat, adding variation and making the bassline a bit less melodic.

So I’m asking for feedback again before re-submitting it. Do you guys think this improved versuib has a better chance of being approved, compared to the first one? Are there any other problems with the mix/arrangement I should fix or work on before submitting? Any suggestions overall?

Thanks, everyone.

I think second version is much better.
But it’s still too long
And one more thing, maybe you want to get rid of “off beat snap sounds”, it sounds distracting.

Good Luck

Yep, sounds much better but I agree with @MagicMood9 it’s too long, you could definitely cut the arrangement way down to a little over 2 mins. As for the snaps, at first I thought they were cool but then yeah, they just get in the way, maybe use them every now and again for an accent but I’d lose a lot of them as well.

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At first i was like “sounds familiar”. Then i realized i’ve already listened to this track. That’s a good improvement, in my opinion, I would say leave the full vesrion and make a shorter one as well. So you have two versions in a pack. All the best!


I guess the snap does sound a bit distracting. Maybe it’s because of the stereo widening, but I like the wide sound. I’ll probably do as @RobertReid suggested and just make it less frequent.

Haha @PhreaSpirit. I’ll probably do that, make a shorter and longer version.

By the way, what’s the problem with a track being long? I don’t really know what would be an ideal track size for AudioJungle…

Also, would it make a difference to make the short version the “main version” (with the mp3 preview), and include a longer version in the pack, or keep this version as the main one with a shorter version in the pack? Like, would a short song have more appeal, with the longer version in the pack being a nice extra (or vice-versa)?

Thanks everyone, once again.