What do you think? Will it be rejected or approved?

Hello !
Before I load this song, I want to find out your opinions.
What do you think of this song, can it be approved?
Does it have any potential?
Thank you .
All the best!

Intro is good and catchy. But at the “drop” (when ever thing kicks in, i’m not really up to date with my lingo for EDM) it needs to kick way harder and bigger. The whole thing needs some better samples and bigger/better mixing mastering IMO. Good luck.

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Hey :wave:
Thank you for your comment .
I appreciate it , all the best !

Sounds a bit empty. It needs a bass line.


Thank you !:wave::v:

Make that piano bigger with reverb and side chain, it will fulfil the energy in your track. You could also try to layer more sounds to the melody or change it, it sounds tin. But you got potential, nice summer vibe you got there. :slight_smile:

Hey @RainyAudio , thank you very much !:wave:

You are welcome :slight_smile: @STUDIOFA96

love your style! :slight_smile: nice advices… also doing a more catchy melodic line, not so repetitive could improve this…, but I think with some arrangements it should be ok

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Thank you @MusicLFiles !:blush::wave: