New EDM Track - Chances for Approval?

Hey guys,

I wanted to post my newest submission and get feedback… Any tips are greatly appreciated. Do you think my track will be approved? If not, is there anything you think I should change to make it more marketable and increase its chances of approval? I’m new here and really love how active this community is!


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Well , for example, I downloaded a week ago , the track I really did it mixed very well and there are good mastering ! (rejected) But me wrote that this is not a commercial sounding ! You probably need the EDM to write more like the corporate and inspiring !
Nice track !

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Is it a problem in my player or the piano didn’t sound synced with the drum beats?


I agree, piano seems to be out of sync with the rest, try to quantize piano part :wink:

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This is great feedback guys… I went back into the mix tweaked the Q and
it came out sounding a lot better. A tighter Q setting really brought out
the emotion more in the whole piece. Did that fix it up? Any more
suggestions? Really appreciate your help.

It sounds like you mash up two different tracks together…and in a bad way. I guess it will be rejected. You have to work more on general production techniques.


Oh, I think that this is hard reject, sorry!
Arrangement is very strange!)

Your drums are very chaotic!
There is no melody…
And track sounds very dirty!


Agree with @Infraction and @Enrize. I am sorry to say but this will be definitely a hard rejection. It is mixed very bad and also there is no clean structure, the drums and percussions sounds awful. No offense, just my honest opinion. My advice would be to listen to a lot of other (edm) tracks especially here on audiojungle. Analyse them and lern from them.

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Ok. Well, I gave it a shot… Normally I produce hip hop music so this is new territory for me. I’ve listened to what the market offers and felt this piece would fit right in but based on feedback from you guys (judging from the fact that you’ve all been at it for a while…) I need to fix up a few areas of my production. Mainly composition (making sure there’s a well defined melody and structure) and mixing (tightening up the drums / percussion). If its a hard rejection so be it, I’m determined to get something out in this genre. Thanks for the help.

Ok guys. Just to prove I’m not giving up, I mixed again and worked on each element as well as the automation, compressed all elements very specifically and gave it some shiny new transients. I agree its abstract but you guys have to admit that it sounds a lot better. If its a reject so be it, went as far as I could go with this piece.

Sorry no, you compressed it to death. You should realy better concentrate on another track :wink:


ha ok… well i’ll let you know which type of rejection it receives…