Can anyone explain what to do with this song to make it approved? Don't know what to do.

Hey guys, I really need to know why this piece isn’t approved. It sounds okay to me.

Hi @Ludicity !
maybe some too experimental synth sounds, a little bit agressives to me, sometimes unpleasant.
I’m not an expert with this genre, but maybe some guys from this community can tell much mre as I did.
good luck!

Hey thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it.

Hey @Ludicity, production is great but I think @MusicLFiles is right, it might be a tad too much on the experimental side for this market. If it was a soft rejection I would take a look at the growling bass, I think that makes the track the least approachable. Remember, if someone wants to narrate/speak over your track then you should clear space in those frequencies. Give your track as much function as possible - approach the track like you were the buyer. Good luck!