Feedback on rejected song?

So, this is my first submission and also my first rejection.

Though I’m new to commercialy licensing music, I’ve been making music for some time

I was actually pretty confident in this one, to be honest

If anyone could give me some insights on why it might have been rejected, I’d really appreciate it.

I’m not sure if the problem is with the technical quality (composition or mixing of the song), or with it’s commercial usefulness. Maybe the lo-fi mixing made it sound unprofessional? But apart from this guess, I don’t really know what it might’ve been.

Again, I’m grateful for any feedback, and will be looking to improve next time.

Such a lovely track… Beautiful!

Im new here too… Waiting on the reviews of a few queued items… So cant really be sure of why this would be rejected… But perhaps, the lofi mixing could be one reason. It doesnt make it sound unprofessional… But it could reduce its commercial usability…

All the best!

I think there is problem with low end. For me it is too much. However I’m not professional, I´m new here too. So maby I´m mistake, but for me the melody shoud be loder than bass. Hope it will be helpful. With you luck ! :slight_smile:

Nice melody and vibe! I dont know, something makes this track sound a little empty. Maybe drums are too “lo-fi”- ish and soft. I would make them slightly crisper and tighter. Maybe some vocal chops with reverb could spice up things a little more… Also the bass at 0:30 is probably too melodic. It’s much more organic and less distracting at 1:25 (but that’s also highly subjective).

Also, i would not suggest posting a track without AJ watermark. Even if it was rejected. Just in case. Especially if you plan to re-submit it later.

Good luck!:slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah I will agree that this track is awesome but maybe you should add some developing of the melody…some instruments maybe. And fix the unpleasant ringing of the bells in the ending part.

Anyway keep going!

Take care!

Thanks for the insights everyone.

I agree that the mixing could be a problem. I think I’ll try to make it cleaner, less “lo-fi”-ish, and also balance the low and high end a bit better, which should also help with the melody stand out a bit more.

About the track being empty, I don’t know what I could add. Not sure if vocal chops would work here. I’ll try some things out. Also, trying to add some variation to the melody so it’s not too repetitive and making the bassline more subtle could work.

Right PrestoSound, I guess there’s some harsh resonance in the end part. I’ll look into that too.

Also PhreaSpirit, I removed the track without the watermark, thanks for the heads up. I’ll update the link in the original post.

Again, thanks everyone, I’ll be looking to improve the track based on the feedback.

Hello, I like the vibe overall, and I am currently listening more and more “chillhop / lofi”.
To me, but this is subjective, the problem is the bass… it is too “happy” and “boucing” too me :slight_smile:
Also, not deep enough.
I’ll add a calm, simple, loow deep round bass instead of the one you used. But this is just me :slight_smile:

try to make the piano layer a bit softer, open the highs (as it sounds a bit muffled) and yes, I agree with previous comments, try to develop something new later on the track. and don’t forget, for this purpose, the less melody the better! good luck! :smile: