Uploaded this, hope it gets accepted.

I made a short trailer piece with the new library I just bought and uploaded to AJ. Although non of my tracks have been accepted by AJ, I would like to know your opinion on this one as I wait for AJ’s approval.

I dont really like that turn up @0:25. It just doesnt fit right there I guess. But overall I like it. :smile: (im not an AJ author tho) Good luck!

Thanks for the feedback. I summited the track already I just have to wait till AJ decides. Thanks anyways :blush:

The first half is epic! then, i dont know… To harsh i think.

I like the idea, but I think the track needs to be more filled out…not enough of this :

It was rejected :sob:

The track is nice don’t get disappointed.
You have to train your ears and get experience in order to make good mixes with nice sound.
We’ve all been through that phase.
Keep creating and mixing

Thanks for the feedback