Pre-Submission Feedback, Advice, Suggestions. Thx!

Lookin for feedback, suggestions, and/or advice on this piece. Thx!

I think there is no category for your track.

I’m wondering if they accept such soundtracks, instead of the usual epic damn trailers that everyone is making these days. I’d put this track into “cinematic” genre, maybe dramatic because it’s telling a story.

Yeah, I’ve wondered about that.

Ha. I hear ya. Thanks for the advice. I’ll do that. We’ll see what happens. =D

i think the composition is amazing, very well orchestrated and a step above the usual “piano roll” stuff you hear in this genre. I worry that the quality of the instrument sounds might be holding it back a bit, some of it sounds very obviously “midi”, great as a mock up, but maybe not quite there as a finished product… but that would be my only critique.

Totally agree. Excellent work - only the sound/sample quality is a real deal breaker and I am afraid that it might lead to rejection. If you somehow can make it more realistic, I would invest the extra time - the piece is certainly worth it!

Hey, Charley!

Disclaimer: I struggle with hard rejects as well, I’m not an experienced music producer.

I agree that the composition is great and instruments sound fake. Especially the violin. Even if you can make only the violin realistic, it would make the whole track a lot better.

The composition is really good, but I think an experienced AJ author would make at least 5 different cinematic tracks from this composition. I think it’s not worth to invest so much in one track.

There are some ridiculously simple tracks being sold here with typical chord progressions. So my advice would be to keep the composition and arrangement simple and focus on instrument/sample quality, mixing and mastering (and that’s what I’m going to do as well).

Excellent track, really! if you fix this violin sound it could be great as cinematic for documentary or film.

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Wow. Thanks so much for the feedback guys! I really appreciate it.

Do you guys have any recommendations for replacing my strings? I am currently using East/West Hollywood Gold strings. Who do you guys use and would recommend?

Again, thanks so much,

Cinematic Strings for KONTAKT

Thanks, OvertSounds. I appreciate all your feedback. I’m looking at upgrading my sample libraries now.

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Thanks, SoundCity. I appreciate the feedback.

If you’re using east west then it shouldn’t be a problem with the samples, i’d think more about how they are programmed.

I’m totally impressed by the creativity you have here. This could be the primary theme to a major movie. Towards the end I almost had tears! haha! It’s great!

Impressive Artwork. Just worked today on a orchestral cinematic song. Your work is so complex and feels good. Respect!

That’s a good advice, it would be a waste of time to invest much time just in one track.

Wow! Thanks for the comment, Pageup1!. I truly appreciate it.

BeachVibes, thanks so much! That means a great deal to me.

@orbiterred, @OvertSounds, @SoundCity
Hey peeps. Re: the violin on this piece: I have put in some time performing parts with the expression mod wheel, and think I have made some improvements. Also, I raised it up a couple notches as well. Please give it a listen and let me know your thoughts. Thanks, CH