Feedback, critiques, advice. Thx.

Seeking feedback, critiques, and advice. Probably no category for this stuff, but you guys give the best critiques and advice.

Hollywood Gold Strings
Orchestral Symphony Silver


Nice piece and I think it belongs in cinematic. Possibly the main issue to check out is the piano part. Some of the velocities are rather harsh and it’s a bit stilted. Maybe put in some soft arpeggios and make the timing a bit loser in places.

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Great for a feel good movie, it has a kind feel to it which makes me a bit nostalgic and reminds me of 90s’ Hollywood movies.

I agree with @PaulGraves about piano velocity. I’d also add that there’s an unnatural “hiccup” of strings at 1:27. Also, the 0 release for the strings (sudden pauses between string notes) at 1:41-1:43 make it too obvious that it’s a midi instrument and not the real strings. Also, the overall sound doesn’t sound like a real orchestra. I might not be able to put my finger on anything particular because of my lack of experience as a music producer, but it just doesn’t sound realistic enough. Probably a correct way of using reverb and using a different piano sound could make it a lot better.

Thanks @PaulGraves PaulGraves. Good information. I’ll work on the the velocities. Nice idea about the soft arpeggios and timing. Thx!

@OvertSounds, I appreciate the feedback. I can hear what you’re saying about the strings, and have been working on trying to make them sound more realistic. All in the programming. Thanks for the notes on those specific time markers. That really helps.


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