Feedback on Cinematic Orchestral track ?

Hey there AJ family,

Orchestral Music is something that we are not doing it daily, so We’d like to get some feedback about this cinematic track, We know there are a lot of talented score composers here :grinning:


Anyone out there ?

Interesting dramatic track, but i don’t like string dissonance at 00:38. And something doesn’t sound right, until 1:30 try to play with reverb and panning and add little eq to strings, give more accent to a piano. Also add extra 8-12 bars to climax. Will be glad to hear new version from you soon :slight_smile:

Actually I really think its a great track, nice build up over time, sounds to me like a beginning of a movie kind of, and I wouldn’t change the chords at 00:38, its nice to hear something refreshing and new, there are no rules in cinematic music anyway ;), I would just change the attack of the strings at 00:29, they are just poping out a bit, otherwise great work, keep it up and upload it!!!

Great track! But it ends so suddenly. I think you have to make it longer, add some parts, and make it evolve. Good luck!

Thanks for you input guys! :+1:

You are right, It might needs a bit excitement and evolving part to follow.