Give your feedback please to this Cinematic track

Hi everyone!
Please give me your feedbacks of this Cinematic Dramatic track, before I submit it to Audio Jungle:

Thank you very much!

Hey, soundpark! Cool track! There are some good ideas in there, but I think there are also some aspects that could be improved upon. These are just my personal thoughts upon listening, so take everything I say with a grain of salt.

I think the drums are way too loud compared with the other elements of the track a lot of the time, as well as too far panned to the right. They should probably just be in the center, since they are a huge element of the track.

The strings sound a bit unnatural at times, particularly that line that starts around 0:33, and the bass right before that. Possibly adjusting the reverb/automation/layering could help with this?

I’m not sure if a fade out with the drums works super well either. Perhaps just a big climactic hit to end it would be better suited to the track?

Overall, I think this song also needs a clearer, more unifying theme tying it together, as well as ‘getting to the point’ a bit faster. It meanders a bit in the beginning without really feeling like it’s going somewhere, if that makes sense? I think adding some sort of thematic element like a string/piano line that is more constant and which everything else is focused around would possibly help here.

Best of luck with the song!

Hi @SeththeHuman!
Thank you very very much for your rich feedback and tips, I love that!
I’m just working on this track to make it sound better

Do you mean I should not fade out the drums?

Thank you for sharing your experience,
Sound Park

Hey! I just meant maybe instead of the long outro that you have possibly just ending it on the single drum hit or string note around 2:35. The stuff after that isn’t super necessary, in my opinion. But you could also leave the outro in but instead of just fading the instruments out just have a final hit or note to end the track.


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Hi, try to attach better your notes between them in a melodic line to make them sound more expressive and realistic. You may try to use many bowing presets (sustain, vibrato, expressive, non vibrato, Legato etc) in a same line. Try not to have hole between each notes (I’m talking about some melodic parts in your track) because it sounds robotics and MIDI. Don’t be afraid to move your notes before the time begin if the note attack is to slow. Your notes can be a little bit longer that the time too (very short cross between notes). Try not to use the same sample in repetition or near (same note and same recording of that note). Try to use (or use more) CC MIDI (01 modulation for dynamics crossfades presets, 07 Volume, 11 Expression. I use very short and subtle pitch bend sometimes between notes too (it needs to be very subtle or it will sounds unnatural).

In the mix side, it sounds too dry to me (you could add more reverb). Your bass drum would sit better in the center and could be less louder a bit. At least, it should be softer at the beginning till the climax. Maybe try to make place in the frequency spectrum for each element. I use to have my brass peaking more between 3000-5000 hz. My high strings peak more between 800-2500 hz and 6000-12000 hz but don’t diminish to much between cause it will sound hollow and dull. I try not to have too much in the low end for each instruments because I want place for the french horns there (300-500 hz), cellos (150-300 hz). Those are just approximation because it depends of the track and how you use your instruments and where in their register. Don’t overuse this because you don’t want your instruments to sound narrow, muffled, harsh or dull. If you don’t use a frequency analyzer, try Voxengo SPAN (free) (It can help but at the end use your ears first) and use a reference mix to compare with your track.

I hope it helps. :smiley:

@AnthonySigouin Sure that this helps!
I’ve just bought an orchestra library that features sustain, vibrato etc.
@AnthonySigouin @SeththeHuman I am so excited guys while working on your feedbacks! :heart:
Thank you for your support!

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